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Anthony Dacci's place

Grey 03 - Asphalte




Located in the heart of Paris, a stone's throw from Place de la République, Anthony Dacci's two-room flat has all the makings of a cosy home. With the help of an architect, Anthony has redesigned the spaces to make the most of the flat's volumes.

Cramped and dated, the former kitchenette has been replaced by the bedroom. Picture perfect, the new kitchen is now an integral part of the living room, setting the tone as you walk in the door. Anthony opted for our U-Shape fronts in Grey 03 - Asphalte matte lacquer, combined with 40x60cm doors in Natural Walnut to add a little contrast. Dressed in black, the appliances blend in with the lower cabinets like camouflage.

It's in the details

The Castorama black countertop and splashback reinforce the kitchen's bold look and highlight the Natural Walnut fronts above.

Detailed budget

IKEA furniture structure


Cabinets, drawers, hardware

Plum Panelling


U-Shape fronts, cover panels, plinths

Plum handles


Built-in U-Shape handles



*Excluding appliances, tap, sink and countertop

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