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We only provide quotes for Metod kitchens and fittings.

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A shaker kitchen in oak painted Green 03 - Vert de gris

Green 03 - Vert de gris



Framed fronts, marble-effect worktop (Ekbacken at Ikea) - ceramic kitchen sink, open shelves and brass details: this layout created at Studio Plum embodies all the codes of the shaker kitchens that inspire us so much!
We designed this kitchen upon two principles: it must have plenty of storage space, without being over-imposing. The solution is in the details! Look closer: the overhead cabinets meet those below, creating vertical lines that run from floor to ceiling. Each drawer is the same size to create uniformity, and the top shelf is narrower, visually opening the space up. Placed at the side, the Metod double column creates an ultra-practical pantry. Simply add internal drawers from Ikea to switch it up according to your needs!

It's in the details

The floating shelves created with cover panels and screwed from the inside visually lighten the overhead cabinets.

Detailed budget

Ikea furniture structure


Cabinets, drawers, hardware

Plum Panelling


Fronts, sides, plinths



Mini-Rond brass handles



*Excluding appliances, tap, sink and countertop


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