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Om uw offerte voor te bereiden, hebben wij uw plan van de Ikea Keukenplanner nodig, inclusief ladefronten.

Wij geven alleen offertes voor Metod keukens en inrichtingen.

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Handles adaptability

Our handles can be used on any type of front, whatever the brand. You will find the requirements below.

Front thickness

• The Liseret, Grand Liseret, Lune and Delta require your front to be between 16 and 22 mm thick. If it's thicker, you won't have the grip space you need as there are edge mount handles.

• The Linéa, Mini-rond, Grand-rond, Oval, Coqui, Mini-Lune and Bulle do not have this requirement. On the other hand, if the front panel is thicker than 22 mm, you'll need to use suitable screws, as the screws we supply with the handles won't work.

Household appliances

When it comes to household appliances, the Mini-Rond or Mini-Lune can be placed on a fridge or dishwasher door. In terms of practicality, however, we recommend a wider handle, like the Grande Linéa, the Lune or the Grande Liseret: with more grip space, it will certainly be more practical in everyday use with a heavy door like that of a fridge or dishwasher.

If you like, you can combine our Mini Lune and Lune, Linéa and Grande Linéa or Liseret and Grande Liseret, which have been designed to complement each other.

Our article Everything you always wanted to know about our handles may answer some of your questions. All our handle models are available here.

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