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To prepare your quote, we will need your plan from the Ikea Kitchen Planner, including fronts.

We only provide quotes for Metod kitchens and fittings.

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Installation guide

Visit our installation guide to follow our video installation tutorials. 🛠
In this article, you'll find some additional information.


Our fronts are pre-drilled to Ikea dimensions and are installed in exactly the same way. Hinges and hardware are available from Ikea. Find the list of hinges, screws and hardware you'll need here.

Finishing panels

Our finishing panels are fixed to the inside of the cabinet using screws of 25 to 30 mm, so as not to pierce your finishing panel.
Our finishing panels are produced to the correct size in terms of width (depth of the cabinet + 2cm thickness of the door), so that they can be adapted to the desired dimensions. They can, however, be cut to size using a circular saw. We recommend that you remove the protective plastic before cutting and place the side of the panel that will be visible facing the table, to limit splintering during cutting.


Our plinths are fixed in the same way as Ikea plinths. You need to insert the plastic rings supplied by Ikea for the Metod feet into the groove on the back of our plinths and then clip these rings onto the Metod feet.
If you need plinths higher than 8cm, you can opt for a 15x240cm finishing panel, which can be cut to size. To install it, simply screw the Metod ring into the hard part of the finishing panel.

Brass splashback

To fix your brass splashback, use translucent silicone, available from DIY stores. Apply it to the back of the splashback, from end to end, for the equivalent of two rows. Then position it against the wall where you want to place it, and press hard. Leave to dry for 2 hours, then apply the silicone joints all around.

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