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Om uw offerte voor te bereiden, hebben wij uw plan van de Ikea Keukenplanner nodig, inclusief ladefronten.

Wij geven alleen offertes voor Metod keukens en inrichtingen.

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Hardware (hinges, drawer rails...)

Our fronts are delivered without hinges or drawer rails, which you can buy from Ikea. To help you make the right choice, we recommend you read this article: How not to forget anything at Ikea: the list that's worth its weight in gold.
To find out how to install your fronts and bring your project to life, visit our Installation Guide. 🛠

Push buttons

You can use push buttons with our fronts. We do not sell push-buttons, but you'll find what you're looking for at Ikea, which offers the Utrusta push-button reference, to be fixed inside the cabinet. A more discreet solution than handles, pushers allow you to open your door by applying pressure to the corner (top or bottom) of the door.

Drawer rails

Our fronts fit Maximera and Exceptionell drawer rails. These come in a range of sizes, to be adapted to the dimensions of your cabinet. They also come in different heights and are divided into low, medium and high drawers: low drawers are suitable for drawer fronts 10 cm high, medium drawers for fronts of 20 cm (or less) and high drawers for fronts of 40 cm (or less).
A Maximera drawer rail can be inserted in any Metod cabinet of the same width and depth as the drawer rail, including wall cabinets. This compatibility is possible because all Metod cabients are drilled to the same pitch (base and wall cabinets). All Metod wall cabinets are 37 cm deep, you will therefore need to choose a 37 cm deep Maximera drawer rail.
Here's an example: to create 3 drawers within a 60x60cm wall cabinet, you can use :
• 1 Metod 60x37x60 cabinet (ref 802.055.35)
• 3 Maximera 60x37cm drawer rails, low (ref 102.850.31) or medium (ref 802.850.37)
• 3 Plum Living drawer fronts 60x20cm

Screws for finishing panels

We recommend using 4x30 cm screws. 🔩
The number of screws depends on the size of your panel. Here are our recommendations:
• 4 screws per panel less than 80 cm high.
• 6 screws per panel between 80 cm and 140 cm high
• 8 screws per panel between 140 cm and 180 cm high
• 10 screws for panels over 180 cm high
These numbers are given as a guide, but don't hesitate to adapt them to the constraints of your project.

NB: If you have ordered handles and/or U-shape fronts, screws will also be supplied in the parcel delivered separately from your fronts. You can find full details of the delivery procedure here.
Otherwise, don't hesitate to contact us here, we can send you screws on request.

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