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Om uw offerte voor te bereiden, hebben wij uw plan van de Ikea Keukenplanner nodig, inclusief ladefronten.

Wij geven alleen offertes voor Metod keukens en inrichtingen.

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Conception service presentation

If you would like help with the design of your project, Plum Living offers a conception service.

It consists of a 1.5 hour video appointment with one of our experts who will create the Ikea plan of your project from scratch, according to your wishes and indications, without you needing to go to Ikea beforehand. It is similar to an arrangement service, as most of our Plum Planners are former kitchen designers, layout specialists or interior architects. They will help you design your project and suggest the most suitable Plum Living products.

At the end of the appointment, you will receive your Ikea plan and the associated list of items, as well as your Plum Living quote. You will also have the opportunity to book an additional 15-minute telephone call to answer any remaining questions and validate your project.

This service is available for €49/£49 and is deductible from your fronts order. You can book it here.

3D visual

At the moment, unfortunately our services do not allow us to offer you a 3D visualization of your project with Plum Living finishes, as the plan is made on the Ikea tool, of which we are independent. However, we have developed the Plum Styler, a tool that allows you to customize a scene (kitchen, dressing, bathroom...) in great detail with Plum Living finishes. By choosing a scene that is close to the configuration of your project, you will be able to project yourself onto the colours, designs, and finishes and make your choice more easily!

2 projects in 1 appointment?

It is possible to carry out 2 projects (e.g. a wardrobe and a sideboard) during 1 appointment: the number of projects is unlimited, as long as they can be designed within the allotted time (1.5 hour). This will depend on their complexity. Don't hesitate to explain your projects to your Plum Planner at the beginning of the appointment so that he can tell you whether it is necessary to schedule a second appointment or whether it is possible to deal with all your projects on the same day. If possible, prepare as much as possible for your appointment beforehand (inspirational photos, ideas for configurations in mind, etc.), so that you can be as efficient as possible during the design stage.

Project combining Metod and Pax

If your project combines Metod and Pax cabinets, you will receive 2 Ikea plans. This is because Ikea has two different design tools for Metod and Pax, on which it is unfortunately not possible to combine the two types of cabinets.

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