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Installing the dishwasher front

If your dishwasher is an Ikea model, our 60x80 or 45x80 doors are easy to install using the sliding hinges with the dishwasher. Take a look at our tutorial

If you've opted for a dishwasher of another brand, installation requires an extra step: you'll need to use a sliding hinge that will allow the front panel to slide forward and thus not bump against the bottom of the dishwasher :

• If your dishwasher is from Miele, Brandt, Beko, Candy or Bosch, we recommend a universal slide, such as the one from Adapt.

• If your dishwasher is from another brand, you'll need to use the Behjalpig sliding hinge.

NB : These sliding hinges are fitted to the sides of the cabinets surrounding your dishwasher. If you don't have a cabinet to the left or right of your dishwasher, you'll need a leg panel. To do this, use a finishing panel that you slide alongside your dishwasher.

Special case of U-shape doors

Our U-shape doors are drilled on both sides so that they can be installed with the handle at the top or bottom of a conventional cabinet. This extra pair of holes can be problematic when installing the front on the dishwasher, when the sliding hinge needs to be fixed in place of the hole. But this can be avoided in 2 ways:
• Option 1: Fix a Vaglig connection bar to the front panel. The dishwasher rail can then be screwed directly into the holes. The advantage of this option is that the Vaglig bar can be purchased from Ikea at the same time as the rest of your order and is already drilled.
• Option 2: Use a metal piece like this one to fill the hole and create a solid front. You'll then need to drill a hole in this plate and screw the dishwasher runner into it. This is a cheaper option, but you'll need to be equipped for drilling and go to a DIY shop to get a metal plate like this.

Creating a "trompe l'oeil"

You can create a two-part dishwasher front (i.e. trompe l'oeil) to create continuity with the other cabinets. To do this, use two 60x40cm drawer fronts. These two drawer fronts are joined together using the Vaglig connecting bars sold by Ikea (ref. 004.845.16).
You can also create a "trompe-l’œil" with more than 2 drawer fronts, for example 2 60x20cm fronts and 1 60x40cm front, or 4 60x20cm fronts.

NB: This multi-part dishwasher technique is not suitable for the Tillreda dishwasher from Ikea.

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