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Om uw offerte voor te bereiden, hebben wij uw plan van de Ikea Keukenplanner nodig, inclusief ladefronten.

Wij geven alleen offertes voor Metod keukens en inrichtingen.

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Fixing Metod feet to Metod wall cabinets

The Metod feet were not originally designed for wall cabinets, but you know we love Ikea hacks! All you have to do is cut the protruding plastic dowels using a cutter or small saw before screwing them under the cabinets (screwing directly through the foot, into the cabinet). For screws, we recommend 2.5 x 15 mm or 12 mm (with screws larger than 15 mm you risk going through the cabinet). 🔩
We invite you to watch our tutorial: How to use Metod feet on wall-mounted Ikea cabinets?

The Metod feet need to be adjusted to a height of 8 cm, which corresponds to the height of our plinths. They are adjustable to suit uneven floors.
Regarding the distance from the edge at which Metod feet should be fixed, it is not an exact science. Do not hesitate to refer to page 4 of the Ikea instructions to get an idea.

NB : Plum Living does not supply Metod feet. They must be ordered with your Ikea components (cabinets, hinges, fixing rails, etc.).

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