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Om uw offerte voor te bereiden, hebben wij uw plan van de Ikea Keukenplanner nodig, inclusief ladefronten.

Wij geven alleen offertes voor Metod keukens en inrichtingen.

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By phone

To contact us by phone, please submit your request here. Our Customer Care team will get back to you within 4 hours during working days with a written answer. You will then be able to take a phone appointment with your Customer Care Specialist if needed, a link will be available in his/her e-mail signature. 📞

We have chosen to be available by appointment in order to guarantee the efficiency of our calls. From experience, we know that it is often impossible to respond instantly to your requests or complaints. It usually takes some investigative work (checking the plan, contacting the carrier, etc.) to provide you with concrete and precise solutions or answers.
Your time is precious, so we prefer to get back to you once we have all the information we need to resolve the situation. It is of course possible to arrange a telephone meeting to discuss the situation face-to-face.

NB: After any quote request, you will have the opportunity to speak to one of our Plum Planners (layout specialists) on the phone, to check your list and ask any technical questions you may have.

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