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Regriferator / freezer

Installing a refrigerator/freezer in a column

Built-in refrigerators must be installed in a cabinet. 2 types of hinges are required for the installation:
Utrusta 95° hinges to attach the Plum Living door to the Ikea cabinet (to be purchased separately)
• 1 slide to connect the refrigerator door to the Plum Living door (supplied with the appliance).

To install a refrigerator/freezer in a column, here is how to proceed:
1. Use a column of 200cm or 220cm
2. Raise the freezer by 10cm in the column to allow the opening of the door with the ventilation grid.
3. At the bottom: install an 80cm front on the freezer (always the same size regardless of the brand).
4. In the upper part: the most optimal is to position a 60x100 cm + 60x40 cm front (possibly 60x120 cm + 60x20 cm).
5. Assemble the two high fronts with a connection bar. When opening the refrigerator, both doors will open at the same time and give access to the refrigerator and the storage niche, as shown below.

Réfrigérateur et congélateur dans une colonne.png

Installing an under counter refrigerator

Under counter refrigerators must be placed on the floor. A 60x80 front is required to cover them. These refrigerators are supplied with a hinge to attach them to the Plum Living front.
If the refrigerator is located at the end of the worktop (and there are no cabinets next to it), it will be necessary to add a trim panel that will serve as a post and support the worktop.

Fixing the ventilation grid

Here is how to proceed to fix the ventilation grid:
Step 1 : Cut the four lugs (small black tips) without touching the front face of the grill using a hacksaw for a clean cut without splintering
Step 2: Counter glue the grille from the front of the baseboard using multi-material glue (example: SIKA)
Step 3: The glue can be applied to the metal edge of the grille (see diagram below).

Capture d’écran 2023-08-03 à 11.55.46.png

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