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Design advice: Wardrobe and headboard

Pax cabinets are designed for wardrobes. Discover our practical advice in the following articles:

Full-height wardrobe

If you want to create a full-height wardrobe (floor to ceiling), you have several options:
Using Pax cabinets: if you want a Pax full-height wardrobe, you can opt for finishing panels installed as "fillers", the space above the cabinet will be condemned. To install your filler, it should be fixed to the ceiling using shelf brackets.
Using Metod cabinets: It is also possible to create a full height unit with Metod cabinets. This option will allow you to optimize the space. The cabinets must of course be hung on the wall.
Note that Ikea does not offer accessories similar to the ones of the Pax range (rod, internal drawers, sliding trouser doors etc.). It will be necessary to drill again the cabinets if you want to integrate some accessories. 👕

Corner wardrobe

Our doors are compatible with Ikea Pax corner cabinets. There are just 2 subtleties:
• Ikea sells a white plastic strip to cover the gap between the two doors in the corner. Unfortunately, this strip is not available in Plum Living colours. For a purely aesthetic result, we recommend opting for 2 straight cabinets and closing off the corner with a filer made from a Plum Living finishing panel in the same colour as your doors.
• If you opt for a Pax corner cabinet, do not forget to think about the position of your handles. There are two options:
- Place a single handle in the corner, on the edge of one of the 2 doors. You can then open your wardrobe by opening one door and then the other.
- Place 2 handles in the centre of the fronts, so that they do not block the opening.

Headboard wardrobe

Before you get started, we advise you to have a look at our inspirations, tips and practical guides here.💡

For the wall cabinets of your headboard wardrobe, you have 2 options:
Opt for "Fridge/freezer top cabinets"
Advantages: They are 60cm deep, they can be fixed directly to the wall and aligned with Metod columns
Disadvantage: they come in 3 sizes only, i.e. 60x60x60cm, 60x60x40cm et 40x60x40cm.
Opt for 37cm deep Metod wall cabinets
Advantages: they exist in different heights and widths and will allow you to adapt your project to the dimensions of your room
Disadvantages: they are 37cm deep and cannot be aligned with Metod columns. The solution is therefore to use wooden cleats to be fixed directly to the wall and then fix the cabinets to the wooden cleats, like it has been done on this project

If you'd prefer to opt for Pax columns, which are designed to create wardrobes with a range of dedicated interior fittings (rod, internal drawers, sliding trouser holders, etc.), that's possible too. Simply note that the depths of Metod and Pax cabinets are different: wall Metod cabinets will not be aligned with Pax columns. It will therefore be necessary to use the wooden cleat method explained in the previous paragraph. This is the technique used on this project. Another trick for aligning your cabinets is to use ultra-strong angle brackets, as shown in this tutorial.

Need help?

If you wish to be accompanied in the design of your project, note that we offer a conception service. It is similar to an arrangement service, as most of our Plum Planners are former kitchen designers, layout specialists or interior architects. They will help you design your project and suggest the most suitable Plum Living products. ✨

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