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Wall-hung bathroom furniture with pink beige wicker fronts and brass accessories
Creative Ideas

Five ways to give your bathroom a makeover

Of course, you had totally redone it when you first moved in. Yes, you liked it for a while. But more than a decade later, it’s time to face the facts that your bathroom could do with a bit of a facelift. The good news? Sometimes all you need to do is change a few small elements to give it a new lease of life (without having to go back to the drawing board). Here are five ideas to get inspired by right away!

Wicker, that’s all.

It’s simple, it’s effective: you used to swear by the suspended cabinet you put up in your bathroom. But a few years down the line, it’s started to feel a little out of date. What if instead of starting from scratch, you simply changed its doors? To get you inspired, here is Emilie Daudin's bathroom, where our Terra wicker fronts are a great example of combining material with colour. This is a low-cost solution that updates the personality of the room and can be used in a variety of colours - depending on your taste.

Project produced with our Terra wicker fronts, Mini-Rond brass handles, Plum Living brass splashback, Heju wallpaper by Season Paper, Leroy Merlin sink - ⓒ Hervé Goluza
Hanging bathroom cabinet with wicker fronts and brass credenza
Suspended bathroom cabinet in natural oak, with green ceramic tiles.

From one room to another

It’s no secret that the beauty of a layout can often be found in the details. So, all the more reason to focus on these smaller elements when giving your decor a new look and feel. In her bathroom, designer Elise Chalmin used our Loop kitchen fittings to blend them with the sink. She chose the Matt Black, which contrasts with the tiled wall, giving an overall premium look to the space. A smart, yet accessible idea, if you ask us.

Project produced with our smooth Natural Oak doors, Mini-Lune brass handles and Loop Matt Black Plum Living fittings, Surface tiles, free-standing basins from - ⓒ Hervé Goluza
Suspended bathroom cabinet in natural oak, with green ceramic tiles.

Beige rosé and brass: the perfect combination!

Introducing Plum Living Studio: our go-to location for all our style experiments. On this wall next to our office spaces, bathroom furniture is regularly put together, disassembled and reinvented. Here, we chose fronts in matt Beige 03 - Beige rosé paint and wicker to create a basis for a timeless look. We then added brass handles and single-handle taps to enhance it. We think this is the perfect way to bring some life to any piece of furniture (without breaking the bank). Are you in?

Project produced with our smooth fronts in Beige 03 - Beige rosé paint and wicker, Beige 03 - Beige rosé finishing panels, Bulle Brass handles - ⓒ Hervé Goluza for Plum Living
Wall-hung bathroom furniture with wicker fronts and brass accessories.
Midnight blue floor-standing bathroom cabinet with U-shaped fronts, yellow washbasin.

The advantage of colour

Ten years ago, you didn’t really think about the colour of your basin. Let's face it, you didn't have much choice either. That was before several leading brands turned this fairly insignificant element into a real piece of design. Using a mix of Plum Living and Ikea modules, the furniture designed by Sabine Mérillon takes on a different shape here thanks to its yellow concrete basin. Feeling inspired? Follow our guide here.

Project produced by @miss_etc with our U-Shape fronts in Midnight Blue matt paint, Horn basin in Nanking Yellow by The French Vikings, worktop in Le Pavé recycled plastic - ⓒ Sabine Merillon for Plum Living
Midnight blue floor-standing bathroom cabinet with U-shaped fronts, yellow washbasin.

Sleek and simple

It's in their DNA. There’s nothing like our U-Shape fronts in Natural Oak when it comes to creating a warm, contemporary look. Although usually found in kitchens, interior designer Alexis Payen has given them a key role in this white, modern bathroom. This means you can easily bring new life to your washbasin, without having to part ways with it. We can't wait to see your take on this.

Project produced by Studio Alpi with our U-Shape fronts in Natural Oak - ⓒ Agathe Tissier for Plum Living
Bathroom cabinet in natural oak, with white worktop.
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