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Creative Ideas

6 ideas for a living room TV unit

The latest Star Wars on a 13-inch screen and the Rugby World Cup final with your eyes glued to your iPhone have made you question: was it really necessary to sacrifice your TV in the name of interior design? Here are some ideas to convince the whole family. Add colourful facades, handles, and your TV is no longer an eyesore.

Karma Chameleon

Take a soft pink colour and natural wood elements. Add a few black accents and brass details. Play with it all, and you get either a contemporary and warm kitchen, or a TV cabinet that fits to a tee. Interior designer Bérénice Fallot has used black appliances in both rooms, thus creating a unity between the oven and the TV, which as a result avoid jumping out at you. A lesson in balance!

Project created by Bérénice Fallot with our Straight fronts in matte lacquer, Beige rosé - ⓒ Smilzz
pink TV stand
besta fauve

Simply the best(a)

How to choose between floating shelves and a painted arch... Or how about opting for wallpaper? Stop everything! Simplicity sometimes has its merits. Both sleek and contemporary, this TV stand installed at Studio Plum focuses on the essentials. With its Fauve matte lacquer doors and its natural Walnut top hiding Ikea's Besta cabinets, it brings a touch of colour that diverts attention from the black screen. Effective!

Project created with our Straight fronts in Fauve matte lacquer, natural Walnut cover panel - ⓒ Hervé Goluza for Plum Living
besta fauve

Pink Bookshelf

Moka bookcase
Project created by Lala Home with our Moka matte lacquer frame facades, Mini-Rond black handles - ⓒ Hervé Goluza for Plum Living

Another option: hide the TV in plain sight! Camille Bernard has designed a custom-made piece of furniture composed of Metod cabinets and bespoke shelves to create a TV stand that looks like a bookcase. Our Moka frame doors allow the lower part of the module to blend into the room, while the niches give rhythm to the overall unit. Deliberately designed for the TV, the central alcove blends into the decor, whether off or on. Mission accomplished. 


It would be a mistake to confine them to children's rooms! With their playful and enveloping structure, arches meet most storage needs. Take the living room: between the box and the wifi router, the kids' craft activities to keep at hand and that paperwork to sort out, there's a lot to tidy away. Eight Metod cabinets later, your mental load has significantly lightened. And all that thanks to a TV stand!

Project created with our Straight fronts in Lin matte lacquer, cover panels in natural Oak, Liseret and Grande Liseret brass handles
Lin arch

Like a sideboard

Who said that your TV stand should only have one function? Designed as a sideboard, this unit also allows for essential storage in a living room. With its natural Walnut fronts, this projet installed at Studio Plum is both compact and well thought out. Good news, it can be reproduced with Metod cabinets as well as with Besta modules, depending on the depth you have. 

Project created with our Straight Walnut fronts, matte black Liseret handles.

Two rooms, two ambiances

Studio Moncaut
Project signed by Studio Moncaut with our smooth facades in matte lacquer, colour Argile - ⓒ Smilzz

How to reconcile a studious office, a cozy living room, and a well-organized interior in the same space? You have three hours! The founder of Studio Moncaut, opted for an XXL sideboard highlighted with natural wood that structures the room. Dressed in Argile matte lacquer doors, it allows the technical elements of the TV to disappear while creating vibrant storage. On the right, the space created with finishing panels provides a place for a chair that transforms the whole into an office. When night falls, all that remains is to tidy the computer and papers away into one of the cabinets before turning on the TV. 2 in 1!

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