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Vert de Gris kitchen with brass details and natural Oak floating shelf
Creative Ideas

6 kitchens enhanced by floating shelves

You've turned the problem over in your head. How can you skip upper cabinets without losing storage space? 

The solution lies in two words: floating shelves. Firmly anchored to the wall thanks to a system of invisible brackets, floating shelves allow you to visually lighten the kitchen while allowing you to showcase your most beautiful dishes. Alone or as a collection, coloured or in natural wood, straight or rounded, they change the look of a project to give it extra flair. Proof by 6!

Fauve and Rose calcaire kitchen, with storage niche, and floating shelf

Point to point

High cabinets, low cabinets. On paper, the design of a kitchen is relatively binary. What if you think outside of the box? By mixing columns and floating shelves, this Fauve and Rose limestone kitchen installed at Studio Plum reconciles spacious storage and aesthetics. Installed ajacent with the columns, our Square floating shelf in natural Oak helps to highlight the appliques signed by Violaine d'Harcourt and to create a play of graphic lines above the sink. 

Project completed with our straight facades in Fauve and Rose limestone matte lacquer, Liseret brass handles, Square shelf in natural Oak, Air mixer in brass - ⓒ Hervé Goluza for Plum Living.
Fauve and Rose calcaire kitchen, with storage niche, and floating shelf

All terrain

There are those who choose to do without wall cabinets, and those who have to embrace them. Take this kitchen completely redesigned by Cyrielle Wattinne. With its side by side windows and mansarded roof, it had a number of constraints. The interior designer took advantage of this, swapping the high elements for a floating shelf in natural Oak that nestles into the width of the wall. Streamlined and airy, it echoes our U-Shape facades and subtly dresses up the space. 

Project created with our U-Shape facades in natural Oak - ⓒ Hervé Goluza for Plum Living.
Kitchen with natural oak floating shelf

Mix & match materials

Iceberg blue kitchen with green and brass details, walnut floating shelf
Project completed with our U-Shape facades in Iceberg matte lacquer, Square Shelf in natural Walnut - ⓒ Hervé Goluza for Plum Living.

Leaf, Iceberg, and a few well-emphasized touches of orange. Nicolas Payet is not afraid of colour! The founder of Marn Deco, however, avoids falling into the pitfall of childish kitchen design by highlighting these strong shades with natural Walnut. Already present on the central island, he also enhances the floating shelf that brings a contemporary touch to the whole. Installed above the sink, it structures the space and visually stretches it despite a limited ceiling height. 

3 steps

A few square centimeters of walnut that change everything! The architects of Studio Murs & Merveilles have played the accumulation game by using three natural wood floating shelves to dress up this narrow wall. Like a link between the main linear and the dining area, the rounded floating shelves give a new dimension to this custom-made kitchen. 

Inspiration project not created by Plum Living, signed Murs & Merveilles - ⓒ Sophie Lloyd
Green and walnut kitchen with floral wallpaper and zellige tile backsplash
Natural oak kitchen with electric blue tile backsplash

Framed creativity

Don't be fooled by the natural oak facades: at Elise Chalmin's, colour takes the leading role. Bold and rich, it ranges from the backsplash to the decor, including a floating shelf that helps structure the space here. Painted in the same shade as the cement tiles, it defines the colored area to better highlight it. A bold and inspiring choice! 

Project completed with our U-Shape facades in natural Oak, matte black Line mixer, custom floating shelf - ⓒ Hervé Goluza for Plum Living.
Natural oak kitchen with electric blue tile backsplash

Rounded lines

It's a matter of perspective. Jérémie and Florian's kitchen has upper cabinets dressed in Vert de gris facades, yet the custom-made floating shelf created by a carpenter is the first element that catches the eye when entering the room. Light and graphic, it underlines the L-shaped layout while blending into the open living room. Special mention to its all-curved design which allows a smooth transition with the wall units. 

Project completed with our straight facades in matte Vert de gris lacquer, Liseret handles and brass plinth, custom shelf - ⓒ Hervé Goluza for Plum Living.
Vert de gris kitchen highlighted with brass, rounded floating oak shelf
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