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A natural oak bed end by Plum Living
Creative Ideas

5 storage ideas for around your bed

Mattress, perfectly cosy duvet, paint choices: all crossed off your to-do list. The main issue? Finding storage space around your bed. The arched wardrobe over your head? Not ideal. The average bedside table? Also not quite what you’re looking for. You’ll still be leaving bedside lamps and books on the floor. When finished with our fronts, IKEA modules can perfectly bridge the gap, whilst also making use of space. Here’s a few of our top inspirations. 

Room of dreams

Want to let clutter pile up under your bed and forget about it for years, or do you want to sort it neatly and put it away in a handy piece of furniture? We know which we’d prefer. The perfect example is this end-of-bed bench, made from Metod cabinet frames, a mix of our Natural Oak fronts and our matching finishing panels. This wonderful creation can hold cushions, shoes, piles of magazines… and it’s also a bench. Simple, yet so effective.  

Project produced by Plum Living Studio, with our smooth fronts and finishing panels in Natural Oak, Bulle matte black handles, Plum Living paint Red 03 - Blush
A natural oak bed end by Plum Living
Inspirational project of a bed room with integrated bedside table


Nothing to put things on? You could use a stool, which will inevitably disappear under an ever-growing pile of clothes… Let’s face it, the awkward corners of rooms can be a real pain when looking for storage space. Unless you feel inspired by this project - where every inch of the room has been used for something. Look closely: there’s even another storage space in the headboard, provided by the Pax cabinet frame. Painted in the same colour as the rest of the decor - covered by our Green 01 - Amandier grisé fronts - this piece blends in discreetly. Definitely one to replicate in your own home - we think this two-tone look is so chic.   

This project was not produced by Plum Living
Inspirational project of a bed room with integrated bedside table

Double the flavour

Whether too big, too small, or not quite the right base… Who hasn’t spent hours searching - but never finding - their bedside table of dreams? Stop the endless scrolling and find your screwdriver - we have just the inspiration for you! Look no further than Sabine Mérillon’s project as the perfect example: all you need is a Metod wall unit and a mix of oak and wicker fronts - painted in our Blue 01 - Lagon - to create a piece of furniture that can rest on either side of your bed. The result: minimal use of space for maximum style. 

Project by @miss_etc, using our oak fronts in Grey 03 - Asphalte, oak finishing panels in Blue 01 - Lagon and Blue 01 - Lagon wall paint
Suspended bedside table in  Bleu lagon and asphalte
Bedside table in natural oak

Best foot forward

It’s got to be compact, but clever. We need it to be discreet, but not too discreet… We could write a long list of the challenges we’ve faced when looking for the perfect bedside table. To save the endless headaches, simply follow this guide by Sabine Mérillon. First: take an Ikea cabinet frame. Cover it with our smooth Natural Oak front to create a closed storage space, then add four finishing panels in the same shade. As these are larger than the cabinet itself, it leaves an open space for books. One Liseret handle and a pair of cabinet feet later, we have a truly inventive, yet timeless wall unit. Our tip: frame this piece with a bold colour scheme.  

Project by @miss_etc, using our smooth fronts and finishing panels in Natural Oak, Liseret Brass handle, Blue 04 - Ciel voilé and Blue 05 - Bleu paon paint
Bedside table in natural oak

Floating island

What do we love most about this design by Barcelona-based agency Espacio en Blanco? It’s a headboard, bedside table and storage unit all in one. This clever 3-in-1 space brings structure to the room, and separates the sleep space without fully closing it off. If you’ve always dreamed of sleeping in the middle of your room, here’s your sign to go for it. In Plum Living language: this made-to-measure design translates to: a few IKEA modules, our Ciel voilé panelling for structure, and finishing panels in Natural Oak. Now, over to you! 

Inspiration project (not created by Plum Living), by Espacio en Blanco.
Headboard with integrated night table, by Espacio en Blanco
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