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Podium bed light wood x blue paint
Creative Ideas

Storage units for kids designed as a podium bed

You don't exactly want lego pieces or UNO cards scattered across the living room floor... But there's not enough space for the kids to play in their bedrooms either. No problem: we've got you covered with creative solutions for a small bedroom. Our favourite? The podium bed, which allows you to increase storage space without encroaching on the sleeping area. You can avoid clutter by combining cupboards, drawers and a bed all in one alluring platform. And at the same time make socks and lego pieces (your feet will thank you) disappear. Beware, highly inspiring projects.

Enchanted forest

Can you believe that this dreamy bedroom straight out of a storybook is no bigger than a few square metres? Architect Amélie Colombet has succeeded in visually extending the walls of her little boy's room by creating a podium bed that cleverly conceals drawers and cupboards. The sleeping space is delimited by wooden slats, which also act as safety railings for active dreamers. The wallpaper by Nathalie Lété gives the room a sense of depth, immersing us in its enchanted world.

Inspiration project (not created by Plum Living) by Amélie Colombet - Agence Inhale
Podium bed in Blue 04 - Ciel voilé & oak claustra
Podium bed birch x yellow paint

Graphic bed for peaceful nights

The power of paint! With a strip of tape, a paint roller and a bright yellow shade, the Heju duo has managed to create a graphic and clearly defined sleeping corner, accessible by a small flight of colourful steps. The podium bed extends onto the adjoining wall to increase storage and allow the kids to enjoy a space that is uniquely theirs. When bed time comes, all that's left to do is open the cupboards and put the chaos away. Magic!

Inspiration project (not created by Plum Living), by Heju
Podium bed birch x yellow paint

A bed disguised as a cabin

Podium bed light wood x blue paint
Inspiration project (not created by Plum Living), by Mise en Scène Interior Design - (c) Agathe Tissier for Plum Living

Although your best ally for a luminous space, windows become tricky to work with when designing a room. What to put underneath them? A bed? A chest of drawers? The radiator? Interior designer Quitterie de Pascal overcame this problem by making it the centrepiece for this podium bed, designed as a cosy cabin. The column and drawers in plywood define the space, while the arch and wall painted in a celadon blue reinforce the cocoon effect. Add a mattress, a soft duvet and some cushions, and you'll know exactly where to find your kids tucking into their favourite books.

Podium bed in Blue 01 - Lagon

Play, sleep, repeat

When he was born, it didn't seem that small... With a cot, chest of drawers and a few teddies, the space seemed more cosy than cramped. A few years pass by and it's time to face the music: your little wolf has grown up, along with his furniture, and it's a mess. The good news is that all it takes is a few Ikea cabinets and colourful fronts to bring some order back to the room. The mini-wardrobe then doubles as a platform bed, accessible in three small steps. The Metrozoo décor by Les Dominotiers adds the finishing touch to this creative bedroom designed by the team at Studio Klein.

Inspiration project (not created by Plum Living), by Studio Klein
Podium bed in Blue 01 - Lagon

A bed perched in the treehouse

Those who have shared their bedroom for years know too well: there is nothing more precious than a space all to yourself. This podium bed is nestled behind a curtain to preserve the privacy of its little occupant. The black storage units echo the birds flying on the wallpaper behind, while a shade of pale green calls for rest. Small pops of colour wake up the layout, to start the day with a dose of vitamins.

Inspiration project (not created by Plum Living), by L'Atelier d'Archi and Plugin Studio
Podium bed black x forest wallpaper

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