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Create a headboard with Ikea Pax cabinets

Originally designed as wardrobes, the Ikea Pax cabinets can also be used for all your unique layout ideas. Here's the proof with these two modules arranged to create a headboard: simply installed on either side of the bed, they are connected with cover panels used as shelves. Our arched cane doors make them a decorative piece in their own right, a far cry from a basic cupboard!

Some tips before you start:

  • When designing a layout, every detail counts, including the alignment of your cover panels. The shelves here were no exception! In order for them to fit flush with the columns without creating an offset, it was necessary to create a notch in the side panels before screwing them in from above. Without this, it would've been impossible to screw them into the Pax cabinets invisibly.

Pax Headboard in Green 05 - Stone
Headboard in cane & Green 05 - Stone

  • The Plum Living doors for Pax cabinet frames must be screwed directly into the modules with Komplement hinges from Ikea. A word of advice: it's easier as a two person job! You'll find the detailed instructions in our Toolbox video.

  • As for the shopping list, this is the place to be!

Project created using our cane arch fronts in Green 05 - Stone, Liseret chrome handles, Plum Living Blue 04 - Ciel voilé paint
Headboard in cane & Green 05 - Stone

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