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Create a mini-kitchen framed by claustra

Let's face it: after seeing them piled up at your local DIY shop, you weren't sure. But with a bit of imagination, you can turn a few slats into a contemporary claustra that will change the look of your interior. Take this kitchen designed by Sabine Merillon using our smooth Green 04 - Sauvage and Natural Oak fronts. By swapping cover panels for 3cm wide by 2cm thick oak strips, she created a unique and minimalistic box effect. Placed parallel, they dress up the sides of the cabinets for a budget-friendly creation. Shall we show you how?

Some tips before you start:

  • Sabine used two rows of 40cm overhead cabinets to create the wall storage units, suspended by two Metod rails. She then dressed them up with our smooth natural Oak fronts.

  • More economical than cover panels, the slats create an original claustra effect and are simply screwed in from the inside of the cabinet (top and bottom, so they stay in place!)

  • You'll find the full shopping list for this project here!

Project created using our smooth fronts in Green 04 - Sauvage matte lacquer and Natural Oak, Plum Living Loop matte black mixer tap, laminate countertop and Ikea sink.
Kitchen claustra
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