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How to create a two-tone vanity with Metod cabinets

We love them for their sturdiness and versatility. Ultra simple to assemble, the Ikea Metod cabinet frames were originally designed for the kitchen. But why stop there? Suspended with a rail, they can also be used to create an original vanity unit that you're sure not to see twice. Need convincing? We'll show you how it's done with this layout created at Studio Plum Living using our Grey 02 - Ardoise and Beige 01 - Beige rosé matte lacquer panelling.

Some tips before you start:

  • We used three x cabinet frames measuring 60x80 cm, 60x40 cm and 80x40 cm - all 37cm deep - which we covered with our smooth Grey 02 - Ardoise matte lacquer fronts.

  • The contrasting Beige 01 - Beige rosé matte lacquer panels were used to create an alcove to store towels and everyday products.

  • Our Loop mixer tap in matte black is just as suitable in the kitchen as for the bathroom: it all depends on the height of your sink! Here, this pink model found on is 12cm high.

two-tone vanity unit
two-tone vanity unit

  • Nothing gone, just recycled! We've reused existing cabinets in the Studio to create this layout. Tip: if you also choose dark fronts, it's a good idea to also opt for black cabinet frames from Ikea. They'll be ultra discreet behind your doors and drawers.

  • To discover all the details of this project, as well as the detailed budget, click here!

Project created using our smooth fronts in Grey 02 - Ardoise and Beige 01 - Beige rosé matte lacquer, Grande Liseret and black Mini-Rond handles, tiles Plum Living Beige 01 - Beige rosé - coming soon! - Plum Living Loop mixer tap matte black, pink sink
two-tone vanity unit
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