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Kitchen in framed Green 03 - Vert de gris
Address book

Where to find nice brass accessories?

Brighter than stainless steel, subtler than gold, brass is gaining traction! At Plum Living, we love this vintage-style metal so much that we decided to use it for our plinths and door handles. Once installed, we have fun mix-matching them with different accessories to create an elegant vintage harmony. Shelves, hooks, lights, pots or even dish drainers, the list of everyday objects dressed in brass is growing. Love them but don't know where to find them? Follow our guide!

Clever storage units by Maze Interiors

Based in Stockholm, Maze Interiors is a design publisher that designs our world of tomorrow through Slow Production. Created by independent designers such as Louise Hederström and Gustav Rosén, the brands' pieces are produced in Sweden from recycled materials. All the more reason to adopt Pythagoras brackets, which can be used to create floating shelves, or you could opt for the Mitten Shelf by Olof Kolte, where we can already picture ourselves sliding our favourite recipe books and pot plants.

Maze Interiors

Project created using our smooth fronts in Blue 02 - Bleu nuit matte lacquer, Mini-Rond handles and Brass plinth, Pythagoras shelves
Kitchen in Blue 03 - Bleu gris
Brass hooks

Hooks from Le Petit Florilège

Sometimes all it takes is one detail to change the atmosphere of a kitchen. These brass hooks are no exception! Setting the tone of the room, utensils have never looked so chic! Play around with pots and pans, herbs and tea towels to give them a personality of their own. Our favourite supplier? Le Petit Florilège. Based in Bordeaux, their cutting-edge e-shop mixes vintage spirit with layouts you could have seen in a home interior magazine.

Le Petit Florilège

Brass hooks

Adhesive hooks by OYOY

Can what is practical, be beautiful? Just skim the OYOY Design website and you'll be convinced. Another Danish brand... and we're seriously thinking of moving abroad at this point! Everyday objects with a graphic and minimalist look to fulfil their function with style. Forget plastic adhesive hooks that you try to hide with a tea towel. Here, they are adorned with brass and are a welcome addition to the kitchen. We're a fan!

OYOY Design

Brass hooks

Retro-style switches by Zangra

Gone are the days of plastic and soulless accessories. From switches to wall lights to handles, Zangra adds a dose of personality into everyday pieces, with details that make all the difference. The brass of these switches have a vintage look and give the space an industrial yet elegant touch. Found in major stores such as le BHV, or on their website.


Mustard coloured headboard

Shelves designed by House Doctor

Brass shelf

Born in Denmark in '99, House Doctor has been blowing a Scandinavian wind into our interiors for over twenty years. Minimalistic but unforgettable, full of character but never flashy, their pieces have become essentials, like this brass shelf, where we can already picture displaying spices and jars. Don't hesitate to play around with them, installing multiple to bring rhythm to your space.

Nordic Nest

A dish rack from Westwing

In the department of accessories that we could have done without, the dish drainer is on the podium. This was without counting on the reality of everyday life, and the permanently soaked rag that you can no longer see in paint. If you have to equip yourself, you might as well do it with taste! Designed as a jewel, this model sold at Westwing adds a touch of light to the worktop and diverts attention from its utilitarian side. Clever!

Egouttoir en laiton Amo, 27,99€ chez Westwing

brass dish rack
Brass accessories

Spoons and rail designed by Ferm Living

Sleek, functional, bright... Ferm Living's furniture and accessories fully embody the essence of Scandinavian style. Not surprising when you find out the brand was born in Copenhagen! From the living room to the kitchen to the outdoors, no room escapes the label's Nordic spirit. Good news, these creations are available on Ferm Living's website, which is both an e-shop and a blogzine dedicated to the art of living. You'll find this elegant brass rail and the matching spoons that will give a new flavour to your desserts.

Ferm Living

Project created using our straight fronts in Blue 02 - Blue nuit and Green 01 - Amandier grisé matte lacquer, Mini-Lune handles, Ferm Living rail
Brass accessories

A vintage-looking mister by Haws

Do we still need to introduce the favourite brand of every self-respecting gardener in the UK? With its British charm, Haws has made a place for itself in interiors all over the world, even of those without a green thumb! We absolutely love this indoor brass mister, which will develop an elegant patina over time. You can use it to delicately spray herbs in the kitchen, and display on your shelves or countertop without hesitation. 


Kitchen in Blue 02 - Bleu nuit

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