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To prepare your quote, we will need your plan from the Ikea Kitchen Planner, including fronts.

We only provide quotes for Metod kitchens and fittings.

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Our concept

Personalise your kitchen and interior in the blink of an eye.

We offer fronts and accessories for the Ikea Metod, Pax and Besta cabinet frames, worktops as well as a range of wall paints to bring your design to life.


Three steps to complete your project


Design your Metod, Pax or Besta layout with the Ikea configurator, then price-up your project on our website.

Need help? Our Plum Planners can create your plan and quote for you.

Our Plum Planner services


Create your own style with our 3D Styler and our samples, then order your fronts and accessories on our e-shop.

Order your cabinets and hardware from Ikea.



After receiving your Plum order, install all the items by following the Ikea assembly instructions and our tutorials.

Our delivery times

How does Plum work?

Goodbye boring interiors! Plum inspires you and provides everything you need to give your Ikea kitchen, bathroom, and storage solutions that something extra.

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