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To prepare your quote, we will need your plan from the Ikea Kitchen Planner, including fronts.

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We do not make worktops, here is an article explaining our concept, it will surely answer some of your questions.

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To help you in your research, we invite you to consult our journal here in which we recommend our best addresses, materials and worktop suppliers. 🗞

Color match between worktop and fronts

For a worktop that matches the colour of your fronts, do not hesitate to approach a worktop specialist who works with Compact or Corian, two materials that can be stained in the colour of your choice.

You can also consult waxed concrete manufacturers such as Mercadier, La Bonne Peinture or Marius Aurenti: they offer made-to-measure shades that could match our fronts, or at least come close.

Finally, do not hesitate to look also into linoleum for worktops. Some specialist manufacturers and carpenters offer custom-made worktops with coloured linoleum veneered on plywood or medium. Hundreds of colours are possible and some are very similar to Plum colours. This is the case with the French company VM Exelpan, but there is certainly an equivalent in your country!

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