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Pax doors specifications

Hiden plinth

Although our doors are compatible with Pax cabinets, they are not exactly identical to those sold by Ikea. We have chosen to run our doors to the floor, hiding Pax's integrated plinth.

This aesthetic choice means we differentiate betwen left and right hand doors. Please make sure to pay attention to the opening direction when ordering. ✔️

Sliding doors

We only offer hinged doors, not sliding doors.

In the case of the Pax wardrobes, this is because our doors cover the entire cabinet, including the integrated plinth - unlike the Ikea fronts, which stop higher up. It's an aesthetic choice we've made; unfortunately, this option wouldn't be possible with sliding doors, which hang over the Pax plinth, leaving them visible.

However, if you want to replace your sliding doors with Plum hinged doors and you have Pax cabinet, it is possible! To attach our hinged fronts to your cabinet, remove your doors and unscrew the rails at the top and bottom of your cabinet. You can then fit your new Plum doors using Ikea Komplement hinges. You'll need 3 for each 201 cm door (ref 002.145.05), and 4 for each 236 cm door (ref 302.145.04).

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