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To prepare your quote, we will need your plan from the Ikea Kitchen Planner, including fronts.

We only provide quotes for Metod kitchens and fittings.

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Custom made


Our fronts are designed to fit exclusively Ikea Pax and Metod cabinets. We don't make custom made fronts.
If you want to create a front with non-standard dimensions, you can cut our cover panels, doors and drawers to suit your needs and create custom made units. You can find all the dimensions of our products on our eshop, here, and our installation and cutting video tutorials, here.
On request, we can also send you a small pot of paint so that you can repaint any exposed edges after cutting. For more information, please contact us here. ✉️


As far as colours are concerned, our fronts are produced in 4 finishes, 5 designs and in the 34 colours of our palette, which you can find here. We do not produce custom made colours.

Our paint range comes in 31 of the 34 colours in our palette (excluding Blanc pur, Ardoise and Asphalte) and our splashback tiles come in 8 colours, designed to match all our front colours. 🎨
We're always here to listen, so don't hesitate to give us your suggestions for new colours!

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