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Application of paint and/or undercoat

Here's how to apply our paint:

1. Prepare your surface: make sure the surface is smooth, and wipe your wall to remove any dust. For optimum adhesion and even more intense colour, apply Plum Living undercoat to match your colour. Allow 4 to 6 hours between applying the undercoat and applying the first coat of paint. ⏰

Applying an undercoat is not compulsory but is recommended in the following two cases: 
Your wall has not recently been painted white and needs to be renovated.
Depending on the condition of your wall, you'll need to fill small holes and cracks with plaster, then sand off the excess plaster to obtain a smooth, flat surface. Next, you'll need to wipe your wall to remove any dust. Finally, you can apply an undercoat that will allow the paint to hang well, regardless of the history of coatings applied to your wall in the past.
You've chosen a very dark colour like Bleu nuit or Sombre Forest.
Regardless of the condition of your wall, we recommend applying tinted undercoat in the same colour as the paint you've chosen (we offer undercoat adapted to each dark colour). This will allow the dark colour to show through in just two coats of paint, and hang perfectly. Without an undercoat, regardless of the brand of paint you choose, a dark colour will generally require 3 coats of paint, and may not hold up as well over time.

2. Use the right tools: for optimum results, use a 10mm microfibre roller and a brush for corners and finishes. 

3. Use the mixing stick to dilute your paint: this will make it easier to apply. Simply add 5% water before pouring into a suitable container, such as a tub.

4. Apply your paint: start by painting the corners. On a large surface, avoid criss-crossing your strokes, so you get a streak-free result.

5. Wait and try again! Allow 4 hours before applying the second coat and admiring the final result. If you haven't used an undercoat, allow up to 3 coats of paint for our dark colours.
You can then wash your tools in hot, soapy water.

NB : you can also use an airless spray gun or a pneumatic spray gun. It may be necessary to dilute the paint with 10-15% water. We recommend you carry out several tests on a piece of cardboard or an inconspicuous area until you find the optimum dilution. Finding the optimum dilution will allow you to apply the paint with care (good tension) and comfort.

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