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To prepare your quote, we will need your plan from the Ikea Kitchen Planner, including fronts.

We only provide quotes for Metod kitchens and fittings.

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Creation of the plan

If you wish, you can create your own plan using Ikea's design tools: Ikea Kitchen Planner (Metod cabinets) or Ikea Pax planner (Pax cabinets).

Here's an article on the Ikea Kitchen Planner, so it won't hold any secrets for you!
And you can find all our advice on creating your Pax layout here, as well as tips on optimising the interior of your wardrobe here. 💡

Once you've drawn up your plan, we will simply need your plan in order to quote your project (this service is free of charge). You can find out more about how to get a quote here.

NB: If your project combines Metod and Pax cabinets, note that Ikea has two different design tools for Metod and Pax, which unfortunately do not allow you to combine the two types of cabinets. The easiest way to deal with this will be to make a sketch of your project by hand, indicating all the dimensions of each cabinet (height, length and width) and then send us a quote request here, selecting "I have another type of plan".

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