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Design advice: Bench

To create your bench, we recommend that you use the 40cm Metod wall cabinets, so that the seat is at the correct level. By placing these cabinets on Metod feets, you will get a seat height of 48cm.
The depth and width of your bench can be adjusted according to the space available: Metod cabinets are available in depths of 37 and 60cm, and widths of 40, 60 or 80cm.

Useful resources

Here's an article that might inspire you and answer some of your technical questions about creating a bench with Metod cabinets. And you'll find here all our bench projects. For each project, you'll get the detailed list of cabinets and fronts used, as well as the budget. 💡

Need help?

If you need any assistance with the design of this project, feel free to use our conception service. It is similar to an arrangement service, as most of our Plum Planners are former kitchen designers, layout specialists or interior architects. They will help you design your project and suggest the most suitable Plum Living products. ✨

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