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Design advice: Bookcase and TV unit

You will find all our advice and inspiration for creating your own bookcase or TV unit using Metod cabinets and Plum Living fronts here. 💡

Designing the base unit

The closed lower part of your bookcase or TV unit can be created using Metod cabinets from Ikea. These cabinets come in a wide range of sizes, so you can create a piece of furniture adapted to your room.

Creating open shelves

There are 2 main options to create the shelves:
• You can opt for finishing panels that you will cut yourself on site and adapt to the desired dimensions. You can find all the dimensions of our finishing panels on the e-shop.Here is an example of a bookcase with shelves made with finishing panels.
The second option, which is less expensive and easier regarding the cutting part, is to use painted medium. You can find our range of paints that match the colours of our fronts here. The shelves of this project are made with painted medium.

Need help?

If you wish to be accompanied in the design of your project, note that we offer a conception service. It is similar to an arrangement service, as most of our Plum Planners are former kitchen designers, layout specialists or interior architects. They will help you design your project and suggest the most suitable Plum Living products. ✨

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