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Bathroom in Blue 02 - Bleu nuit
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Where to find the perfect sink for your bathroom?

Ever since you discovered how to transform a humble Metod cabinet frame into a bathroom vanity (thanks to this article and this Step by Step guide), it’s been decided: your bathroom project is destined to be an Ikea x Plum Living hybrid! When it comes to accessories however, you’re not so sure… classic taps or integrated? Brass or matte black handles? And the sink? Which shape to go for, which colour? And morever, where to find it? We’ve spoken to our favourite interior architects and decorators to compile a super-practical list of the very best sink suppliers. Over to you to choose!

Graphic, at NV Gallery

Black or white, you love them both. Why not incorporate both colours! Parisian design studio NV Gallery has a gorgeous selection of freestanding ceramic sinks, elegantly highlighted with a discreet touch of black to bring some individuality to your bathroom. Whether round, square or rectangular, you’re sure to find just what your heart desires. Worth noting: the brand also sells all-black versions, which are just as chic.

Amsterdam sink, 149€ at NV Gallery

NV Gallery

We love them for their ingenious kits

, which allow you to craft your very own all-cement items at home. True creatives, Billy and Nadir quickly turned their attention to one of the most used rooms in the house, with colourful and individual sinks. Made to order, the seven models available at The French Vikings are totally customisable, meaning you can truly create a unique object that works seamlessly with your design idea. We love their rectangular Fusain model, the oval Jaune Nankin or the dual-toned Bois de Rose and Terracotta - the perfect finishing touch to our Studio Plum Living projects!

Custom cement sinks, from 390€ at The French Vikings

pink polished concrete sink
Blue bathroom furniture

Streamlined ceramic, from Bains Design

You were aiming for simplicity. A classic freestanding sink, elegant and sleek. Doesn’t sound so hard to find, does it? Not so fast! Despite the seemingly simple brief, we ended up scouring a surprising number of e-shops and stores to find a model that struck the balance between not too heavy, fragile or expensive! Round, square or rectangular, the sinks from Bain Design tick all the boxes. The only problem you’ll have is deciding which one…

White oval ceramic sink, 99€ at Bains Design

Bathroom in Green 03 - Vert de gris
Bathroom in pastel

Powder pink from

Regularly spotted on Instagram, we decided to investigate…and we quickly understood why are such a client favourite! With their accessible prices, efficient designs and pastel colours, the freestanding sinks available at are the cherry on top of your bathroom project. What’s more, they sell beautiful brass taps and accessories, which means you can order everything from their store in a few clicks!

Freestanding ceramic sink in powder pink, 189€ from

Inspiration project (not created by Plum Living) from AD-Vanessa Faivre
Bathroom in pastel