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Craie Craie inspiration project - ⓒ Sabine Serrad
Creative Ideas

Bold and delicious: 5 ultra-coloured kitchen interiors

It is one thing to have a Pinterest board that is full of daring visuals and colourful explosions, but breathing life into those ideas by actually living in them? Well… that’s a whole different game. Whether your colour fantasy is about the Candy pink, Klein blue, Lemon yellow, or Apple green, we get the struggle. This dilemma is real, and we are here for the challenge! Come along this exciting journey of colourful, off-the-beaten-track furnishings, tasty palettes, spontaneous arrangements, and surprising material matchings through those 5 inspirations for bold and delicious kitchen spaces.

An eclectic delight

An open kitchen with a colourful palette that actually works? Yes please! To avoid falling into a mix and match aesthetic that is “hard to swallow”, we take this inspiration from project by Kronkini Studio. The trick is to strike the right balance between muted shades and pastel accents. Take a look at this timeless petroleum blue as it frames the whole ensemble while the mint green full-height column and small punchy pink touches present refreshing highlights. To echo the parquet floor, two types of wood are introduced to warm up the overall look. Fantastic.

Inspired project not produced by Plum Living, signed Kroniki Studio - ⓒ Hanna Polczynska
Inspired project, signed Kroniki Studio - ⓒ Hanna Polczynska
Inspiration project published in

Flowery palette

The furniture is in place, the khaki kitchen you've been dreaming of is installed. Satisfied? Not quite. Something is missing in that faded white wall. Bring out the paintbrushes and tiles, a few hours of work will be enough to elevate your kitchen space from good to fantastic. By playing with shades, paint creates cohesion. But don't stop there: a textured credenza in Candy pink wakes up this green wall-cabinet duo close to our Olive green and breathes life into this springtime arrangement. All that's left to do is decorate with those colourful kitchen items you’re most proud to put on display. And done!

Inspired project not produced by Plum Living, published in "The Little Book of colour" by Karen Haller- ⓒ Philipp Shurev
Inspiration project published in

A striking dualism

Picture this: The lease is signed, you have just moved in. Happiness! The only problem is that the all-white kitchen leaves you - well for the lack of a better term… hungry. Without starting from scratch, a few colourful cabinet facades will be enough to lift the entire look out of genericness. Fresh and luminous, the sky blue of this arrangement dresses up most of the ensemble while the addition of the faded pink, stretching from a couple of cabinets into the ceiling, prevents the icy nature of an entirely blue design. A brilliant idea to modernise the retro spirit of this chromatic combo. Just perfect!

Inspired project not produced by Plum Living, signed Boris Denisyuk - ⓒ Luciano Spinelli
Inspiration project by Boris Denisyuk - ⓒ Luciano Spinelli
Craie Craie inspiration project - ⓒ Sabine Serrad

Dare to blue, pink and wood

Taking everything down, then reinventing it: a daring gamble. However, it does open the door to creativity. Take this renovation by Célia Reubrecht. From the entrance, the tone is set with a vibrant Klein blue monochrome that pours you into an open kitchen space that follows the same chromatic path. By mixing flat areas of pink paint with walnut veneer doors and a base unit dressed in a colour close to our Galet, the architect from the Craie Craie studio has designed a space that is both exciting and definitely unique. The haute couture of kitchen spaces.

Inspired project not produced by Plum Living, signed Craie Craie - ⓒ Sabine Serrad
Craie Craie inspiration project - ⓒ Sabine Serrad