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Kitchen in Blue 05 - Bleu paon, brass plinth
Creative Ideas

5 tips to give your kitchen a facelift

Until recently, you were perfectly content with your simple yet functional kitchen. One thing leading to another, and after a few months of scrolling through Instagram saving kitchen inspo (we plead guilty), you've given in. What was just a vague idea among the rest has turned into an obsession. But you hadn't planned for any major work - or the budget that goes with it - to renovate the kitchen that you still found very functional a few months ago. Not to worry! After facing the same trials and tribulations, we'll share our best DIY ideas for reinventing the look of your kitchen without all the effort. Bonus: you'll even get to go to Ikea.

Change your door handles

If you look closely, most of the glossy kitchens that grace Instagram and Pinterest have one thing in common: their ultra-clean finishes. Just because your kitchen comes from the Swedish giant's factories doesn't mean you can't achieve the same effect, on the contrary in fact: it's the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the great Ikea hack, and to get creative with different pieces to make you forget the origins of your furniture. Start with the handles that adorn your fronts. With a few twists of the screwdriver, brass knobs, envelope handles or half-moons will change the style of your kitchen without sentencing you to baked beans for dinner until the end of time.

Project created using our smooth fronts in Blue 02 - Bleu nuit and Beige 01 - Beige rosé matte lacquer, Mini-Lune and Mini-Rond brass handles, Ikea Ekbacken marble effect laminate countertop - (c) Hervé Goluza
Kitchen in Blue 02 - Bleu nuit & Beige 01 Beige rosé
Kitchen in Green 02 - Sombre forest

Opt for two-tone fronts

You chose it for its versatility. Loved it for its simplicity. But, after a few years… it got old. Tired of white? Before discarding it, think about combining it. All you need to do is add a few coloured fronts to revamp your kitchen at little cost. Combined with light wood, it gives a Scandinavian feel. Paired with lively colours like our Red 01 - Terra, it tones them down, while it enhances our deep colours such as Green 02 - Sombre forest or Blue 02 - Bleu nuit. The tall furniture that you didn't care much for will fade into the background, leaving the coloured fronts below to take centre stage. Or you could play the contrast-card with a few walnut doors in the middle of a sea of white. And then there's cane, with its vintage look that you love so dearly... The hardest part is choosing!

Project by Marn Deco using our U-Shape fronts in Green 02 - Sombre forest matte lacquer
Kitchen in Green 02 - Sombre forest

Utilise a brass plinth

Kitchen in Blue 05 - Bleu paon, brass plinth
Project created using our U-shape fronts in Blue 05 - Bleu paon matte lacquer, Plum Living brass plinth

There's no escaping it. From door handles to taps to kitchen accessories, brass is everywhere these days. But maybe it's exactly what your room needs to give it a new life. Discreet, economical and easy to install, the brass plinth allows you to give your kitchen a facelift in just a few minutes. Beyond its original function - to hide furniture legs - it gives personality to your room and accentuates its depth: even in matte, it reflects light and reinforces the illusion of having floating furniture. A low-cost choice that we recommend every time.

Embrace a metallic splashback

You spotted it on your first visit. You secretly promised yourself that you would replace it before you even moved in. But three years later, your white-tiled splashback continues to taunt you. It's finally time to say goodbye, but you can put away the jackhammer! Metallic splashbacks are very easy to install and come in large panels that can simply cover your tiles. Whether stainless steel, brass or aged copper, they give an industrial touch to your kitchen at low cost. It also enhances your fronts and makes them even more stylish. All that's left to do is add a few matching accessories to complete the facelift you've been dreaming of.

Inspiration project (not created by Plum Living) - ⓒ Feltje Fotografie
Green kitchen copper splashback
Kitchen in walnut, brass mixer tap

Replace your tired mixer tap

Don't fix what's not broken, right? So maybe it doesn't leak, the red light indicates hot, and it swivels without squeaking. But your mixer tap leaves much to be desired. It should be noted, once upon a time the large vintage-inspired mixer taps you can find today did not exist. The colours were limited to two choices: brushed stainless steel or shiny stainless steel. Only specialist manufacturers offered original alternatives, sold at a premium. The good news is that times have changed! A simple visit to Ikea is enough to convince you that the mixer tap now sets the tone. Whether in brass or black, a vintage or modern look, this essential accessory will give your kitchen a new look with just two twists of the spanner. A word of advice: turn off the water before you start.

Project by Transition Id using our natural Walnut fronts, granite countertop from Easy Plan de Travail, Leroy Merlin mixer tap - ⓒ Agathe Tissier
Kitchen in walnut, brass mixer tap

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