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Kitchen with Claustra
Creative Ideas

A sublimated layout by claustra

If it were up to us, we would break everything. Gone are the closed kitchens, forgotten are the narrow beds. Back to reality. Between the pots and pans lying around and the kids who like to do somersaults 1.50 m off the ground, we'll have to find solutions. The screen? It doesn't stand up. The partition? It closes the debate. More unexpected than a skylight, more airy than a wall, the wooden screen has gradually become the option of our dreams. Made-to-measure or created with simple wooden strips, all in curves or straight lines, it redesigns places, while giving them that little extra soul that is so dear to us.

Heads or tails

Although Tiphaine and Ronald took down the walls of their Lyon flat to open up the space, there was no question of losing the thread of the volumes - or of dining in the entrance hall. Made of light wood, the screen is used here as an anchor point for a clever piece of entrance furniture made with Pax and Metod cabinet frames, simply dressed with our Vert de Gris cane doors. With its openwork verticality, this structure reveals just what is needed in the dining room, while serving as a backrest for the ultra-practical bench for lacing up your trainers. What more could you ask for?

Project created using our Vert de Gris cane doors, Mini-Rond brass handles, Maison Sarah Lavoine cushion - ⓒ Hervé Goluza
Project created using our Vert de Gris cane doors
Project by Lala Home Studio

No mistakes

To do too much or not enough: that is the question when it comes to dressing the low wall that links two rooms or a corridor. The challenge was met by the architect Camille Bernard, who found the right balance thanks to a curved screen that blends into the decor while enhancing it. Chosen in light wood, it echoes the natural materials of this kitchen, from the caning of the high grey Amandier doors to the zelliges of the credenza.

Project by Lala Home Studio using our smooth fronts in Green 01 - Amandier grisé matte lacquer, Mini-Rond brass handles, Mosaic Factory zellige splashback, Blomkal wooden partition - ⓒ Amaury Amaury
Project by Lala Home Studio

Cosy nest

This is the headache of large families. How do you get two children to live together in the same room, while creating separate areas with plenty of storage space and preserving a play area? It's time to take a step up! Here, the frame made of light wood slats reinvents the codes of the cabin bed. Like a window opening onto new adventures, the screen draws the bed's location like a mezzanine while serving as a guardrail. Beautiful and useful!

Inspiration project (not created by Plum Living). ⓒ Benni Amadi - photo Chirstopher Stark
Inspiration project by Benni Amadi
Project created using our Vert de gris matte lacquered smooth fronts


Gone are the old-fashioned kitchenettes squatted by the entire open space. Designed as a flat, Émilie Daudin's offices have served as a playground for her creativity. The compact and functional kitchen is separated from the entrance by a graphic and airy screen. A unique creation with unprecedented dimensions, thanks to the design of the Cosilio team and the masterful hand of a Norman craftsman.

Project created using with our Vert de gris matt lacquered smooth fronts, Mini-Rond brass handles, Leroy Merlin credenza, Ikea laminate worktop, custom-made screen, Pale Georges Store suspension - ⓒ Hervé Goluza
Project created using our Vert de gris matte lacquered smooth fronts

At the crossroads

It is the charming asset of open kitchens! Inspired by the scales of the credenza, interior designer Charlotte Féquet has designed an Art Deco screen that allows the functional to disappear and the aesthetic to take centre stage. Made of steel curved in gold, it gives relief to the room and separates while playing the role of a link between the spaces.

Inspiration project not created by Plum Living, designed by Charlotte Féquet - (c) Thomas Leclerc for Côté Maison
Inspiration project by Charlotte Féquet