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Kitchen in green marble
Creative Ideas

Create floating shelves

Almost as if they were suspended by magic! It's no coincidence they are called floating. Fixed to the wall with invisible brackets, floating shelves steal the show from wall-mounted kitchen furniture and blend in with the decor like a glove. See for yourself!

Installed as an extension of a tall unit

Although very practical (especially in small kitchens where every centimetre of storage space is precious!) tall units also tend to be visually awkward. Don't hesitate to replace them with floating shelves, which will add a little lightness to your layout.

Inspiration project (not by Plum Living), created by signed Karling Hamill
White kitchen island
Kitchen island in Blue 02 - Bleu nuit

Fixed besides a column

From the fridge to the microwave to the dustpan & broom, columns are perfect for hiding those everyday objects lying around. Placed on either side of your kitchen, they form a perfect setting to highlight with floating shelves. A trick we love? Let your splashback rise up to meet the shelf to define the spaces.

Inspiration project (not by Plum Living), created by 10 sur Dix
Kitchen island in Blue 02 - Bleu nuit

Underlined by a contrasting edge

Open kitchen in walnut
Inspiration project (not by Plum Living), created by Camille Hermand - © Agathe Tissier

Who says floating shelves have to match your walls? Graphic in their own right, they show character best when highlighted with a pop of colour. The edge can be chic, quirky or vibrant... whatever your style! You can also further highlight the "floating" aspect by painting only the centre of the edge in a contrasting colour.

They can be short or long

Ultra-versatile, floating shelves adapt to all your needs. When short, they make a discreet and practical piece of furniture leaving your favourite coffee mug within reach. Long, they enlarge the space. For the final touch, add a few of your favourite decorative pieces: vases, plants & candles and voila!

Inspiration project (not by Plum Living), created by Norm Architects
Oak shelves
Kitchen in grey

Suspended along your range hood

The chefs out there know it: there is no escaping the range hood! Both essential and imposing, the extraction system often plays the spoilsport. Make it an asset. By installing floating shelves extending from your range hood, you'll draw the attention instead to your decorative pieces and crockery placed there.

Inspiration project (not by Plum Living), created by Terre Grise
Kitchen in grey

Enhanced with a touch of light

Sometimes all it takes is a little light to change the look of a room. Likewise, with these floating shelves that certainly live up to their name. Placed under the shelf, the neon lights become warm and cosy (not words we usually associate with neon!). The wall lights are placed between two floating shelves, unless you prefer to place them atop your installation, creating a spotlight.

Inspiration project (not by Plum Living), created by Richards Stanisich
Kitchen in wood & blue marble
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