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Plum Living project made with our Sable matte lacquered fronts
Creative Ideas

Eight decoration ideas with paint

The furniture is assembled, the knick-knacks are ready to be put up, the guest list for the house-warming party is growing. But nothing can be done about it: those too-white walls leave you speechless. But the paint rollers are still at hand - and so is the magic of colour. It only takes a few hours and a few well thought-out brushstrokes to radically change the look of a room! A doorway arch, a theatrical alcove, trompe l'oeil frames... Discover our eight inspirations for personalising your interior with paint.

Deco bingo

Inspiration project by Elodie Cottin
Inspiration project (not created by Plum Living) by Elodie Cottin, office chair and curtains AMPM, Wall lamp Market Set at The Cool Republic, ⓒ Billie Blanket

In the decorating bingo, you've won the jackpot. On the one hand, a built-in alcove, which has been a must for some years. On the other, a luminous terracotta, which highlights the curves of this children's desk. The interior designer Élodie Cottin had fun highlighting the whole with warm light wood, from the antique chair to the well-placed rattan suspension. A mini desk for maximum inspiration.

Inspiration project by Céline Hervé of Studio Crème. ⓒ Inside Closet.

The Big Blue

Changing everything often comes down to almost nothing. Take this white wall, too white. Interior designer Céline Hervé only needed a few brushstrokes to open up the perspectives and make the space more dynamic, simply by highlighting the door frame with a bright Klein blue. Let's start the clock: see you in two hours to admire the result at home!

Inspiration project (not created by Plum Living) by Céline Hervé from Studio Crème. Klein Blue Paint, Resource. ⓒ Inside Closet.
Inspiration project by Céline Hervé of Studio Crème. ⓒ Inside Closet.

See the walls big

It's mathematical: the smaller the room, the more room for paint. Chosen in a bold colour, it allows you to delimit the spaces and write the personality of a place. In this 13m2 room renovated by Marn Déco, wine red sets the scene in the kitchen. Klein blue highlights the entrance door and enhances the white ceiling. A bold choice, softened by the rounded credenza and the wood of the furniture.

Project by Marn Déco, Linea brass handles. Paintings Bleu Klein and Rouge Opéra, Ressource - ⓒ Agence Marn Déco
Project by Marn Déco ⓒ Marn Déco Agency

Picture perfect

Plum Living project made with our Sable matte lacquered fronts
Project made with our Sable matte lacquered smooth fronts, natural Oak cover panel. Plum Living Terra, Beige Rosé and Sable Paints, Vitra dolls.

That's the great thing about painting: one stroke of the roller and a decor you've grown tired of becomes a blank page again. There are no more excuses for not getting started! At Amandine and Nicolas' house, we gave free rein to our creativity to imagine a trio of pop arches reminiscent of the Sable wardrobe installed in the living room. A touch of pinkish beige, a hint of Terra, and you get a singular fresco that you're sure not to find at the neighbour's.

Project made with Plum Living Stone paint, David David posters, Gabrielle Paris cushions.

Optical illusion

You won't be the first to be told how beautiful a wooden frame is. Yes, but: it also has the particularity of being a bit expensive, of collecting dust, and even of falling on the corner of our heads in the middle of the night. We prefer to avoid these mishaps by painting coloured flat areas to highlight laminated photo prints. Perfectly finished masking tape, the paint of your choice - in this case our Stone - and a free afternoon: childhood art for a guaranteed wow effect.

Project made with Plum Living Stone paint, David David posters, Gabrielle Paris cushions.
Project made with Plum Living Stone paint, David David posters, Gabrielle Paris cushions.


You don't have to live at the end of the world to give your home a holiday feel from January to December: sometimes all it takes is a rethink of the front door. Simply framed by a lively arch that extends from the skirting boards to the ceiling, it takes on a new dimension and invites you to travel without having to pack your bags. Here, Munich-based interior designer Alexandra Van Frankenberg has played with a cobalt blue with Greek accents that is echoed in the wall shelves and awakens the room's immaculate bench.

Inspired project (not created by Plum Living), by Studio Frankenberg
Inspiration project by Studio Frankenberg
Project by Lucie Socrate ⓒ Hervé Goluza for Plum Living

Colours that pop

You've been racking your brains for weeks. To paint or not to paint, to hammer nails or not? To do nothing? Granted, going head to head with a white wall can be an intractable problem. With 3 neon lights and 3 bands of colour, interior designer Lucie Socrate has transformed this blank page into a bright, pop trio that dresses her walls day and night. And soon yours?

Project by Lucie Socrate, neon tubes Led Hay, Pipistrello lamp - ⓒ Hervé Goluza for Plum Living
Project by Lucie Socrate ⓒ Hervé Goluza for Plum Living

In organised bands

Bleu nuit, marble and brass, the kitchen installed in our offices had everything going for it. But that was not knowing us well! Far from the lacquered fronts and the details that make a statement, our eye was only attracted by one element, and not the least: this large white wall that tickled us. So we got out the masking tape and rollers to create graphic strips to add rhythm to the whole. And to find out how to draw these lines without smudging, it's over here.

Project made with our smooth matte lacquered fronts and Bleu nuit finishing panels. Mini-Rond brass handles, Plum Living Vert de Gris paint, Eckbaken marble effect laminate worktop from Ikea - ⓒ Hervé Goluza for Plum Living
Project made with our Bleu Nuit matte lacquered and Plum Living Vert de Gris paint fronts
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