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Shaker-kitchen in Blue 03 - Bleu gris
Creative Ideas

Create a shaker-style kitchen

Put away the liquor and that paper umbrella...the shaker kitchen is not a cocktail bar! It takes its name from a religious community that settled in the eastern United States in the late 18th century. Puritan, austere and modest, the Shakers, now extinct, developed buildings and furniture with a simplistic style. Long considered merely practical, their furnishings now inspire many architects seduced by their minimalism. It's all a matter of perspective! You only need to spend a few minutes on Pinterest to be convinced: Shaker-inspired kitchens are on the rise. Kitchen designers across the Channel have made no mistake, offering models that blend perfectly into an English cottage. At Plum Living, we play a different card by imagining these framed kitchens in a Haussmannian flat or bright loft. From handles, fronts & colours, here is your list of essential items to create a shaker kitchen that feels like you.

Framed fronts

Forget smooth fronts and U-shape handles: the shaker kitchen is traditional with framed doors and drawers... but this does not prevent it from being revisited! Rustic, solid wood furniture initiated by the religious community has been replaced by modern finishes in matte lacquer or painted oak. The frames have been refined to give the kitchen a modern touch. Made in Portugal in a workshop specialising in woodwork for several generations, our framed fronts are made up of a medium panel to which we fix a solid oak frame.

Project created using our Green 02 - Sombre forest fronts, Linéa brass handles - ⓒ Hervé Goluza
Shaker-kitchen in Green 04 - Sauvage
Moodboard Green 04 - Sauvage & Coqui handles

Shell handles

Designed to be easy to grip, with a material chosen to last and in a shape that is disarmingly simple... It's doesn't get more shaker-like than our Coqui! Made of solid brass by our workshop located in the Baie de Somme, it embodies all the codes of the congregation. We like it installed centrally on the frame, leaving it to play the leading role. Its curves add a little softness to the straight lines of the framed fronts.

Plum Living Coqui handle in polished solid brass
Moodboard Green 04 - Sauvage & Coqui handles

Muted colours

Shaker-kitchen in Blue 03 - Bleu gris
Project by Giroir & Roule Architects using our Blue 03 - Bleu gris framed fronts

Blue 05 - Bleu paon, Blue 02 - Bleu nuit, Grey 02 - Ardoise or Green 02 - Sombre forest... All of the colours of our range have a hint of grey, allowing them to blend seamlessly into your interior. The darkest of these colours are particularly suited to the shaker style, which is not at all flashy. But white is also a common theme in the Shaker heritage. Our pale colours, with Green 01 - Amandier grisé, Grey 01 - Gris nuage and Beige 01 - Beige rosé in mind, allow us to recreate a kitchen in the same spirit, but adding a contemporary twist.

Farmhouse sink

Gone are stainless steel sinks without character. The kitchen sink is back in fashion and is making its mark in shaker kitchens. Both delicate and imposing, this white ceramic farmhouse sink sits on the countertop proudly displaying its vintage look. No need to go too far: the Havsen model by Ikea ticks all the boxes. Add an aged brass or chrome mixer tap with a ceramic handle and voila!

Inspiration project not by Plum Living
Blue farmhouse ceramic kitchen sink
Shaker-kitchen in Grey 02 - Ardoise

Natural materials

The shaker kitchens' best ally. With its apparent veining and natural feel, marble is the ideal countertop to enhance your framed fronts and shell handles. Wood is also an option, provided that it's in an aged state (a good opportunity to give a second life to a butcher's block or old counter as a bar or a central island). For shaker-textiles, opt for linen, which is popular for its weave and raw texture.

Inspiration project not by Plum Living
Shaker-kitchen in Grey 02 - Ardoise

Floating shelves

Between framed fronts and dark colours, shaker kitchens can sometimes weigh a room down... Swap out some tall units for floating shelves, which will bring a little lightness! Installed on either side of the range hood or above the sink, they allow you to display your prettiest pieces. An original way to give your kitchen a new dimension!

Inspired project (not by Plum Living), created by Cyrielle Wattinne
Shaker-kitchen in Green 05 - Stone

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