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Bench in matte lacquered cane & brass plinth
Creative Ideas

Inspiration: painted arch to enhance your layout

Mixing layouts and paint is our passion, so the launch of our 12 colours to match our fronts is no coincidence! While waiting to let our creativity run wild, we're stocking up on inspiration. More original and unexpected than a feature wall, arches have instantly topped the list of favourite creative ideas. With their curved lines, they set a classic layout apart and add a poetic note to the room. From the kitchen to the bedroom to the entry, here's a look at some of our favourites.

Minimalist kitchen with a coloured arch, the perfect pair!

Céline Boclaud opted for square fronts in a shade similar to our Green 01 - Amandier grisé for her kitchen, highlighted with a natural stone countertop and copper handles. It may sound ultra-simple on paper, but this kitchen is far from classic with its extra-large arch enhancing the back wall. Painted in a deeper shade, it creates a depth-effect. The rounded corner gently delimits the spaces. Inspired, and inspiring!

Inspiration project (not created by Plum Living), by Boclaud Architecture, Ressource paint - ⓒ BCDF Studio
Kitchen with a Green 01 - Amandier grisé arch
Bench in matte lacquered cane & brass plinth copy

Courtyard window

Six wall-mounted Metod cabinets are all you need to create hallway furniture that is as aesthetic as it is practical. Straight from Sabine Mérillon's imagination, this layout incorporates all that is dear to Plum Living: cane fronts, brass plinth and handles, smooth matte lacquer, a touch of natural oak... and a painted arch in our Beige 01 - Beige rosé. Ultra-discreet, it adds a little charm to the white wall and gives a new dimension to this hallway layout.

Project by Sabine Mérillon using our smooth fronts in Green 02 - Sombre forest matte lacquer and Beige 01 - Beige rosé cane, natural oak cover panel, Mini-Lune handles and brass plinth, Plum Living Beige 01 - Beige rosé paint, Balzac Paris bag and shoes
Bench in matte lacquered cane & brass plinth copy

False simplicity

A red wine-coloured wall and a walnut sideboard. On paper, the office of interior designer Nicolas Payet is quite classic. This notion would be a disservice the founder of Marn Deco! Not one to confine himself (or his style), Nicolas chose to extend the colour onto the wall besides the window, creating a box effect that emphasises our natural Walnut fronts. Take a closer look: no right angles here. Nicolas instead opted for a half-arch that echoes Verner Panton's Flower Pot pendant light. Subtle yet effective.

Project by Marn Deco using our U-Shape fronts in natural Walnut, Ressource painting - (c) Hervé Goluza for Plum Living
Sideboard in walnut, burgundy wall

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