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Green kitchen brass splashback
Creative Ideas

The metallic splashback giving the kitchen a twist

Brighter than tiles, more unexpected than stone, a metallic splashback will give your kitchen a touch of style!

Loft spirit

Both contemporary and authentic, assertive yet versatile... choose copper to reinforce the "loft spirit" of a room or to give a classic kitchen a twist. This forty centimetre high splashback is naturally oxidised, leaving no risk of its appearance changing over time! Its oxidation gives it luminous pinkish reflections, which pair particularly well with complementary colours like our Green 02 - Sombre forest. The pale pink wall maintains the colour palette without over-doing it.

Inspiration project (not by Plum Living), created by Erika Vocking - ©Jeltje Janmaat
Green kitchen copper splashback.jpg

Copper, a play on contrasts

Kitchen in Blue 02 - Bleu nuit, copper splashback
Inspiration project (not created by Plum Living), by Alexander White

Take some dark moody fronts in Blue 02 - Bleu nuit or Blue 03 - Bleu gris. Add a few nicely weathered natural leather handles. Underline the look with a naturally oxidised copper splashback, before lighting it up with industrial-style wall lights. A stunning result as expected: you're left with a kitchen with masculine accents, that holds itself with style and character.

Green kitchen brass splashback

Brass sets the tone

Brass... one of our great passions! We love it as a solid look or a dainty plinth, and it's always our go-to for taps and handles. Metallic but not too bling-y, it is used here as a 30 cm high splashback, giving this sober kitchen the warm note it was missing. Aged by time, the brass features shades of green-grey that ties it in with the fronts. A perfect match for our Green 01 - Amandier grisé and Green 03 - Vert de gris colours. The mixer tap is the finishing touch to this layout, blending in perfectly with its background.

Inspiration project (not created by Plum Living), by Naked Kitchens
Green kitchen brass splashback

True or false?

Kitchen in beige, brass splashback
Inspired project (not created by Plum Living), by Atelier Steve - ©BCDF Studio

A fan of brass but afraid it will oxidise over time? This splashback is for you! Made from laminate with a polished brass effect, it will stand the test of time without changing in appearance. Smooth and luminous, it brings a touch of light to a white or pastel kitchen, particularly our Beige 01 - Beige rosé or Beige 02 - Sable fronts, especially when it links the overhead and lower cabinets. No frills needed: the polished brass effect laminate is a statement piece in itself, so other details such as door handles can be kept to a minimum. Easy to maintain, it is also more economical than solid brass.