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Two-tone kitchen black & green
Creative Ideas

Dare we mismatch cover panels!

Create relief, add a touch of colour, add a little rhythm to a linear layout... Sometimes all it takes is a cleverly placed cover panel to give your kitchen a unique look. Discover our inspiration.

We've got you covered

Our fronts are designed to fit Ikea Metod kitchen cabinet frames. Once fitted, the sides of these cabinets remain visible. Like the Swedish giant, we offer cover panels (6 standard sizes to be cut-to-size according to your needs - discover our tutorial!) to hide these sides and spruce up your kitchen with elegance. Take this opportunity to play with colours and materials to set your space apart from the rest!

Inspiration project (not created by Plum Living), by &Shufl
Two-tone kitchen black & green
Two-tone kitchen white & pink

It's in the box

Ultra-versatile, the handy cover panel can also be used to create a trompe-l'oeil. Here, it is placed like a splashback around the sink, while unsuspectingly hiding the deeper columns. By colour-coordinating with the wall units, you create a "box" effect, both minimalistic and full of zest. The colour chosen here provides a strong look in itself, while matching perfectly with the terrazzo of the countertop. The columns in white allow these typically "imposing" pieces of furniture to disappear into the decor. Do not hesitate to opt for the inexpensive white doors and drawers at Ikea: by combining them with Plum Living coloured fronts, you'll can have your cake (dream kitchen) and eat it too!

Inspiration project (not by Plum Living), created by Basamenta Studio
Two-tone kitchen white & pink

Inhale, exhale

Two-tone kitchen in Green 01 - Amandier grisé & oak
Project created using our smooth fronts in natural oak and Green 01 - Amandier grisé matte lacquer, Delta handles and brass Liseret

Is your kitchen open to your entrance, dining room or living room? Use cover panels to separate your spaces. By choosing a contrasting colour for the columns, you can create a visual boundary between two rooms without losing space. Cover panels are also a decorative element in their own right, simply attach coat hooks or a hanging shelf to hold plants, vases and candles.

Ah! The alcove!

Say goodbye to 100% utilitarian kitchens, and let your creativity run wild with the versatile cover panel. A hybrid layout, halfway between a cabinet and a custom-made wardrobe, in which your decorative pieces have a spot to shine! You can even add some built-in lighting to draw the eye to your unique creation. Even better? Mix and match finishes to create an alcove of both contrast and character. Our oak and walnut cover panels pair perfectly with our lacquered fronts, whether Blue 02 - Bleu nuit and natural oak, or Green 03 - Vert de gris and natural walnut... Tip: if you need to cut your panels before installing them, keep the offcuts to create matching shelves.

Inspiration project (not by Plum Living), created by Anne Chaperon - ©BCDF Studio.
Two-tone kitchen in black oak
Two-tone kitchen in black & Blue 04 - Ciel voilé

Point to point

Sober and graphic, the 70s style lines of this kitchen are stuck in our minds! The black outline used on the countertop and cover panels frames the cabinets and columns. The exposed edge creates a relief effect, highlighting the units above and below.

Inspiration project (not by Plum Living), created by &Shufl
Two-tone kitchen in black & Blue 04 - Ciel voilé