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All about our handles
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All you need to know about our handles

2.5 cm in diameter, 1.5 cm in thickness, and 30 grams of solid brass. Installed in a flash, Mini-Rond will change the look of your furniture — Ikea or not — in just a few minutes. Each of our ten handles have been designed to help you personalise your interior. Delta, Liseret, Mini-Lune, Bulle... Each with their own character. Don't hesitate to mix match them! But how to choose? Can you install them yourself? What is hidden behind that brushed or polished finish? How are they produced? Everything, and we mean everything, that you need to know about our handles.


With its envelope shape, brushed finish, and elegant design that you can't help but admire, is our Delta the finishing touch that your layouts lack? A wardrobes best ally, we like it staggered or face-to-face to create a diamond. Combined with more discreet models, it's also the perfect match for lower kitchen cabinets. It can be placed in line with a door or drawer, simply screwed in from the back at two points (without piercing your fronts). Prefer a wide grip? Look no further, just slide your fingers between Delta to open any door with ease.

Finishes: brushed brass, matte black

Installation: screwed on from the back in two points, without drilling through your fronts

The +: its wide grip

Delta Handle
Liseret handle


Discreet yet contemporary, Liseret works well individually or as part of a team. 5 cm wide, it sits flush with the fronts and is screwed in from the back at two points (without piercing them). Vertical, horizontal, up, down: the choice is yours! Speaking from experience, the hardest part will be choosing between a powdered Brushed Brass, Shiny Chrome or Matte Black.

Finishes: Brushed Brass, Matte Black, Polished Chrome

Installation: screwed on from the back, in two points, without drilling through the front

The +: its versatility

Liseret handle


It's hard to believe that a handle this small could have such a big effect! Heavy yet delicate, subtle yet full of character, our Mini-Rond has become a must-have overnight. Ultra-simple to install, it's your go-to for all layout types. Simply drill through your front using a small-diameter drill suitable for wood, then screw it on from the back. Available in Brushed Brass & Chrome and Matte Black, it can be used in any room to bring a tired piece of furniture back to life.

Finishes: Brushed Brass, Matte Black, Brushed Chrome

Installation: screwed on from the back, by drilling your front from one side through to the other at the chosen point

The +: its timeless style



Poetic and unexpected, Mini-Lune has a special place in our hearts. Yours too? Its half-moon shape sets it apart from the rest, adding a little soul to your layouts. Place it face-to-face with another to form a circle, or on its own to emphasise the straight line of your fronts. Now available in a lightly powdered Brushed Brass, Bright Chrome and Matte Black, Mini-Lune is always installed in the same way: first, drill a hole through your front in the chosen position, then screw it in from the back.

Finishes: Brushed brass, matte black, polished chrome

Installation: screwed on from the back by drilling your front from one side through to the other at the chosen point

The +: its unique curve

Mini-Lune Handle
Bulle Handle


Round? Classic? Not so fast! Whether in shiny polished brass, chrome or matte black, our Bulle is a sure eye-catcher. Screw it on from the back after drilling through your front using a small-diameter drill suitable for wood. We particularly like it with smaller furniture, whether in the bathroom, a sideboard in your living room or the lower cabinets of a kitchenette.

Finishes: Shiny polished brass that reflects the light, matte black, polished chrome

Installation: Screwed on from the back, by drilling your front from one side through to the other at the chosen point

The +: its false simplicity

Bulle Handle


13.5 cm of polished brass that changes everything! Horizontal or vertical, Linea will give your fronts the boost they're looking for. Timeless, it can be used on smooth fronts for an ultra-contemporary look, or framed fronts to which it brings the modern touch. Linea is the only one of our handles that requires you to drill through your fronts at two points. Once screwed on from the back, it offers a particularly wide grip.

Finishes: Polished brass that shines and reflects light

Installation: screwed on from the back, by drilling the front from one side through to the other at two points

The +: its super grip

Linea Handle


Coqui Handle

The obvious choice for all shaker-kitchen lovers out there. With its shell shape and polished brass that reflects the light, Coqui is a favourite among English kitchen enthusiasts who will insist you install it against framed fronts without delay. Its vintage look and comfortable grip gives an unexpected touch to smooth fronts, especially when combined with Mini-Rond handles. Coqui is simply screwed on from the front, without drilling through your fronts.

Finishes: Polished brass that shines and reflects light

Installation: screwed on from the front in three points, without drilling through your fronts

The + : its shaker-style and wide grip

Brass Handles

Are they only available in brass?

All our handles have a solid brass core, regardless of the finish. Bulle, Mini-Rond, Mini-Lune and Liseret are also available in matte black and glossy chrome, for a contemporary touch in any layout. In the kitchen, they can also be used to maintain consistency with your chrome or black taps and appliances. We particularly like them against painted wood, for an ultra-modern look! Delta is available in matte black, giving character to your Beige 01 - Beige rosé, Green 01 - Amandier grisé or Blue 03 - Bleu gris fronts.

Brass Handles

Where are they produced?

Bulle, Linea and Coqui, all in polished brass, are designed from top to bottom by our French manufacturer, who has been perfecting their know-how for generations. The production of Mini-Rond, Mini-Lune, Delta and Liseret is also managed by the same French manufacturer, who entrusts the first step of production to a partner in India, before completing the shape and finish (Brass, Chrome or Matte Black) in their workshops in France.

Are they only suitable for Plum Living fronts?

On the contrary! Our handles have been designed to cover all types of fronts and furniture. In fact, they are one of our top tricks for refreshing your kitchen without the hefty price tag. Brass models will bring a little light to tired furniture. In black, they change the look of a layout that has gone a little out of date.

Matte black handles

Can I mix match them?

Anything goes! Coqui for the drawers + Mini-Rond for the doors, Mini-Lune for your overhead cabinets and Bulle for those below, Delta to the right and Liseret to the left... You get the point ;) Don't hesitate to play around with our handles to create unique combinations in your kitchen. On a sideboard or bathroom cabinet, our Mini-Lune and Mini-Rond can even be placed side by side to create an Art Deco effect that adds a twist to even the simplest of fronts.

Moodboard: handles

Where to install them?

Trick question! This all depends on your taste, the style of your fronts and the look you want for your layout. One thing is certain, Liseret and Delta will sit flush with your fronts. But it's up to you to experiment with their position: install them horizontally or vertically, together or staggered. Ultra-versatile, our Mini-Lune can be placed in the middle of your front or at its end, horizontally or vertically. Its edge will emphasise the straight line of a door, or you can leave it in the spotlight in the middle. Bulle and Mini-Rond are go-to's for any purpose. On a framed front, aim for the centre of the top for a more balanced result. On a smooth front, don't hesitate to play around before drilling - to find the sweet spot for you. They can be placed centrally on a drawer or on the side of a door. Coqui and Linea can also be installed both vertically and horizontally to emphasise a frame or create vanishing lines.

Brass Mini-Bulle
Golden screwdriver

How to install them?

After 8 weeks of waiting, your fronts have finally arrived! Now for the installation... You know how to fit hinges, but drilling holes in your brand new lacquered fronts is a different story. We have chosen to deliver your fronts un-drilled, as the location of the holes will change depending on the style of handle you choose. Liseret and Delta only need a few twists of the screwdriver from the back, Coqui from the front.

Mini-Rond, Mini-Lune, Linea and Bulle are screwed onto fronts and drilled right through. Don't panic! Our IGTV tutorials and Installation Guide will guide you step by step. All you need is a wood-suitable drill to face your fears and install your handles in no time. Start by laying your front flat on a stable surface. Take your handle, and mark the location of your choice with a pencil. Drill your front from the visible side, using a straight and confident motion, until the drill pierces it. Keep the trigger pressed down until the drill is all the way through your front: this will avoid damaging it. If you have opted for our Linea handle, which is fixed at two points, you'll just have to repeat these steps. Screw the handles down and voila!

Golden screwdriver

How to maintain them?

Brass naturally oxidises over time, especially when in contact with water. Chamois leather will be enough to maintain it on a daily basis, but if you notice small stains on the surface of your handles, simply unscrew them and gently rub them with a (truly magic) brass restorer that can be found in most hardware and DIY stores. Chrome handles can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a touch of Marseille soap, while matte black models can be simply cleaned with a damp cloth.

Liseret handles

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