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Elise Chalmin bedroom
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Everything you need to know about our paint

It's the art of colour: a few well-mastered brush strokes are enough to enhance a room. Used all-over to create a box effect, or in small touches to personalize a layout, paint allows you to create a unique and colourful interior. Good news, all the shades of our palette exist in velvet finish, developed exclusively by Ressource for Plum Living. From their manufacture to our creative ideas for using them, you will know everything about our paints!

Where are our paints made?

A family business, which produces in France, putting expertise and quality at the heart of their profession... Our partnership with Ressource was an obvious choice! Established in Provence in 1946, the brand has managed to perpetuate the passion of its founders for colour and beauty. We've entrusted them with the production of our paints since their launch in 2021, relying on their excellence and cutting-edge technology to create shades that come as close as possible to our colours. 

Manufacture of Plum Living paint in the Ressource workshops
Manufacture of Plum Living paint in the Ressource workshops
Manufacture of Plum Living paint in the Ressource workshops
Manufacture of Plum Living paint in the Ressource workshops
Ivory Leaf Kitchen

Are they eco-friendly?

All our paints are made in Provence, from raw materials carefully sourced in France and Europe. They are A+ certified, and contain less than 2 grams of VOC per liter. Odorless and washable, they can be applied both in a kitchen and in kids' rooms. We have opted for a velvet finish, halfway between a matte and satin finish, which matches the depth of the lacquer on our facades.

Project created with our straight facades in matte lacquer, Leaf and Ivory, cover panels in Natural Oak, Mini-Rond brass handles, Ivoire paint - ⓒ Hervé Goluza for Plum Living
Ivory Leaf Kitchen

How to apply them?

Renowned for their coverage, Ressource paints only need two coats to reveal the intensity of their colours. If you are painting your entire wall, don't hesitate to use a long pole: it will allow you to handle your roller with more fluidity, to avoid streaks. Also consider applying a thin layer of white - or a shade the same colour as your initial wall - along your protective tape: you will thus obtain crisp and smudge-free lines, as you can see in this tutorial !

Plum Living Paint x Resource - ⓒ Hervé Goluza for Plum Living
Paint pot
Ciel voilé kitchen

How to use Ressource x Plum Living paints?

Designed to be used in conjunction with our fronts, our paints made by Ressource match as closely as possible to the shades of our facades. You can create all-over effects, to delineate the location of an office or a kitchen, to tame volumes in a cathedral living room or to create two distinct atmospheres in the kids' room. You can also play with contrast, by combining our shades with our natural wood facades in your kitchen, and thus give it a new dimension in a few hours. Last but not least, hand-drawn shapes, like arches or stripes, allow you to add a graphic and unexpected touch to your interior. All that's left is to express your creativity! Find all our paint inspirations here.

Project created by Marn Deco with our U-Shape facades in Ciel voilé matte lacquer, Ciel voilé and Leaf paints - ⓒ Hervé Goluza for Plum Living
Ciel voilé kitchen
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