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Behind the Facade: Made in Europe, with Love

3 days and as many sleepless nights of hesitation: that's how long it took you to decide between natural oak doors or cane ones. But did you know that beyond your aesthetic choices, you also made the choice of made-to-order and European production? Manufacturing locally and on demand, opting for durable products and short circuits... These are commitments that have been close to our hearts since the birth of Plum Living. From Portugal to Germany via France, discover the behind-the-scenes of our product manufacturing. Let's go!

Our Commitments

100% European production

Their names are Sergio, Alain, Jean and Günther. No detail escapes them, from shaping doors and drawers to preparing them for shipping. A thousand miles from automatic production lines, our partners perpetuate a tradition of industrial craftsmanship which is at the heart of our manufacturing. It is no coincidence that our facades, paints, taps and tiles are produced in their human-sized factories, all located in Europe: each of them has been carefully selected for their know-how and expertise. .

European production

Sergio can attest to this. It was from his Portuguese workshop that the first Plum Living doors were born, in 2019. An undisputed master of wood, he now manufactures our natural wood and painted wood facades, as well as our Cannage and Raffia designs. From the origin of the materials, from legally and sustainably managed forestry operations, to the environmental impact of the factory through the integration of its employees, no detail escapes Sergio.  

While the industrial dimension is essential, allowing us to offer increasingly innovative designs while meeting demand, the human touch remains omnipresent, a guarantee of quality and the transmission of centuries-old know-how. Take our U-Shape facades in natural wood. In total, more than ten key steps are necessary to bring them to life. Selection of coatings, veneering, hand shaping... the process is punctuated with quality checks to ensure their finish and durability over time. See for yourself in the images, behind the scenes at Sergio's Portuguese factory. 

Producing a U-shape facade