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Kitchen brass splashback
Practical Guides

Which splashback for my kitchen?

On the menu tonight, filet mignon with a mustard crust. Preparation time, 15 minutes. Cooking time, 45 minutes. Cleaning time: well, it depends on your splashback. Although we typically think of it as a decorative piece, this strip that links the countertop to the wall plays an important role in the kitchen (provided you spend some time there). Graphic or minimalistic, made from metal, stone or tiles, and with or without joints, the splashback can be adapted to suit all tastes. It all depends on how you intend to use it. Don't worry, we'll explain everything!

Metal version

Does your definition of a home-cooked meal include Birdseye frozen meat & 2 veg and three minutes in the microwave? Real metal splashbacks may look good, sure, but can stain easily with the wipe of a sponge.

Inspiration project (not by Plum Living), created by Erika Vocking - ©Jeltje Janmaat
Green kitchen copper splashback
Kitchen in Red 01 - Terra, brass splashback

Laminate option

On the other hand, the self-proclaimed chefs out there will want to opt for a splashback that is easy to clean. The good news: our brass-effect laminate panel combines the look of metal with practicality! Be careful, however, as laminate is only suitable for induction hobs (and poses a fire risk for gas burners).

Project created using our smooth fronts in Beige 01 - Beige rosé and Red 01 - Terra matte lacquer, Mini-Rond and Mini-Lune handles, brass splashback and plinth - (c) Hervé Goluza
Kitchen in Red 01 - Terra, brass splashback

Or what about tiles?

Last but not least, tiles laid directly onto the wall. Say goodbye to the patterned tiles of the 70s (unless that's your style!), and say hello to terracotta zelliges which will instantly add character to your kitchen. Diagonally laid, metro tiles are an aesthetic and inexpensive choice, or you could dare to opt for small tiles with contrasting joints for a graphic look. The only downside to tiles is the cleaning (we've all been there), which must be done regularly to prevent the joints from turning black beyond repair.

Project by @miss_etc with using our Blue 05 - Bleu paon fronts, Winckelmans tiled splashback
Kitchen in Blue 05 - Bleu paon, tiled splashback

Can't decide between stone or composite?

You can also opt for the same material chosen for your countertop. Ask about this when taking measurements: suppliers generally offer a matching splashback.

Granite splashback
Granite countertop and splashback
Dekton splashback
Dekton countertop and splashback
Granite countertop and splashback
Dekton countertop and splashback

What height should it be?

15, 35 or 70 cm, all rules aside! The splashback can take the form of a simple plinth, which frames the countertop by running up the wall by about ten centimetres. Or it could be a full-coverage flat surface linking the lower and overhead units. This option is the most popular for creating so-called "table" layouts: the splashback then acts as a link between the cabinets and the columns, highlighting the enveloping effect. While we are still strong supporters of the minimalism-card, keep in mind the primary function of the splashback. Also known as the "hood base", it serves above all to protect the walls from splashes and grease while you cook, but also while washing up afterwards.

Project by Dominique de Joux using our smooth fronts in Green 01 - Amandier grisé matte lacquer, Liseret handles
Kitchen in Green 01 - Amandier grisé
Kitchen in Blue 02 - bleu nuit

How to install it?

Each splashback has its own technique. Stone should be installed by your countertop fitter. Other materials, such as tiles or laminate, are typically installed by the contractors who install the entire kitchen. Laminate splashbacks are the quickest to install, and can be screwed or glued directly to the adjoining wall. Something to think about when designing your kitchen!

Project created using our smooth fronts in Blue 02 - Bleu nuit matte lacquer, Mini-Rond brass handles, porcelain stoneware countertop and splashback - (c) Hervé Goluza for Plum Living
Kitchen in Blue 02 - bleu nuit
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