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Cut and install a cover panel

In addition to doors, drawers, plinths and various accessories from our range, Plum Living offers cover panels, which will allow you to dress up your Metod or Pax project. 

But what are they really? They allow you to dress the sides of your cabinets and can thus play three roles: that of a side panel, a filler or a leg. You can also use them to create open shelves, or all around a layout for a frame effect. Matched to the fronts, or mismatched, the cover panels can change the look of your layout.

We show you in video how to cut and install them! 

Download Ikea instructions

Some practical info

  • In the Metod range, our cover panels are available in 39 and 62cm widths for 37 and 60cm cabinets.

    On the Pax side, we offer them in 37 and 60cm, for 35 and 58cm cabinets.

    You will therefore not have to cut them in width: this corresponds to the depth of the cabinets + the thickness of the door.

  • Despite our many dimensions, our cover panels will in many cases need to be cut by your installer. For this, equip yourself with a circular saw with a new blade, and close teeth, so that the cut is clean.

  • To facilitate the installation of our cover panels: secure them with clamps or attach them to the cabinets with double-sided tape, and screw them from the inside of the cabinets using 25 to 30 mm screws.  

Installation of a Plum Living cover panel on an Ikea Pax or Metod cabinet
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