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How to attach a Plum Living front to an Ikea Maximera drawer

Cabinet frames: Pax and Method.

Hinges: Utrusta.

Drawer system: Maximera.

Don’t worry: installing your drawers will be a lot easier than learning Swedish. A couple of turns with your screwdriver and you’re done!

Download Ikea instructions

Some practical information:

  • Plum Living fronts are compatible with Ikea's Maximera and Exceptionell drawer systems. These drawers are designed to be attached to Method cabinet frames.

  • At Ikea, these drawers are offered in three sizes: low, medium and high.
    This corresponds to the height of the rail: for a 10cm-high front, opt for a low rail, and a high rail for a 40cm-high front.

  • If you have limited space, consider combining a high front (40cm) with a low rail, or by connecting two fronts and installing them on a single rail.

    This is particularly useful on a bathroom cabinet, where space is usually limited due to Plum Livingbing.

  • If you opt for Pax, Ikea only offers internal drawers, which can be hidden behind Plum Living door fronts.

Installation of a Maximera drawer from Ikea
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