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Creating bench seats from Method cabinet frames

We know you’ve been asking us for this tutorial for a while now. So, Ines and Alexandra decided to put together a step-by-step guide on how to create a bench seat from Method cabinet frames and Plum Living panelling.

A few tips before you get started:

Our Method

  • doors are pre-drilled so they can be attached to Metod cabinet frames with Utrusta hinges. You can also replace the doors with drawer fronts (easily attached with Maximera rails).

  • Method legs were not originally designed for high cabinets, but by now you’ll know we love a shortcut… All you need to do is trim the protruding plastic pegs with a cutter or small saw, then screw them under the cabinet frames (screwing directly through the leg into the cabinet).

Moodboard wicker bench
Wicker bench made by Space Factory

  • Here, finishing panels are used to hide the sides and top of this bench, and are screwed on from the inside of the cabinet. If your layout is between two walls you won’t need these.

  • 39x40cm bench side panels don’t need to be trimmed to fit. The 39x183cm ‘overlap’ panel needs to be trimmed to 181.6cm if you plan to use one side panel, or to 180cm if you plan on using none.

  • Always use a new blade if you use a circular saw to cut your finishing panels. Add 2mm to the total length to account for the thickness of the blade.

  • Watch out when it comes to the length of your screws! They should be no longer than 3cm - any longer and they may cut through your finishing panel.

Wicker bench made by Space Factory
Wicker bench made by Space Factory

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