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How to create open shelves with cover panels?

Take two suspended wall cabinets and connect them with cover panels. Add a floating shelf in the middle, and dress it all up with matte lacquered fronts. We know what you're thinking, it sounds too simple right? We guarantee it's that easy, we put this one together ourselves!

Some practical tips to help you recreate this layout at home:

  • Good news, our cover panels are now available in several sizes, so you don't have to cut them! To recreate these open shelves, you'll need 2 x panels of 39x183cm for the top and bottom, 2 x panels of 39x63cm for the outer sides, and 3 x panels of 39x60cm for the alcove and shelf.

  • We recommend using double-sided tape to hold your cover panels in place before screwing them. This will strengthen the hold of the clamps.

blue kitchen bar
blue kitchen bar

  • To install the shelf, it is best to pre-drill it from the inside of the cabinet using a small diameter wood drill to avoid splintering. You can then insert your screws much easier.

  • Like us, have you opted for dark fronts? Consider ordering your Metod cabinet frames in black! They will be much more discreet once your layout is complete.

Project created using our smooth fronts in Blue 02 - Bleu nuit matte lacquer, Mini-Rond handles and brass plinth, Green 03 - Vert de gris paint - Hartô furniture, The Socialite Family pendant light - ⓒ Hervé Goluza for Plum Living
blue kitchen bar
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