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How to create a floating bookcase in natural oak?

With natural oak panels serving as minimalist shelves, this bookcase inspired by an Australian architectural duo seems to float above the Studio Plum Living floor like magic. Dressed up with doors with built-in handles, it focuses on the essentials for a guaranteed wow effect. Both practical and aesthetic, the doors hide the mess of everyday life, while the shelves are the perfect spot for your favourite books and decorative pieces.

Some tips before you start:

  • We used 40x40cm Metod wall-mounted cabinets, 37cm deep, which we had in stock at Studio Plum Living. You can also opt for 80cm wide cabinets to save time!

  • The uprights were created with 39x160cm cover panels, which we screwed on from the inside of the cabinets.

  • We opted for U-Shape fronts in Natural Oak, which gives the bookcase a clean, airy look, but you can also recreate it with lacquer fronts and handles for a totally different look.

oak bookcase
oak bookcase

  • The shelves were cut from 15x240cm panels and then screwed into the uprights. The side shelves have also been supported by small, discreet brackets. You can also opt for 80x20cm shelves, which will give you more space to store your books and decorative pieces. Beware: if you avoid cuts, they are thicker and heavier than our panels, so brackets will be essential!

Project created using our fronts and cover panels in U-Shape natural oak, crockery Jars Ceramists, blue vase Ferm Living
oak bookcase
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