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To prepare your quote, we will need your plan from the Ikea Kitchen Planner, including fronts.

We only provide quotes for Metod kitchens and fittings.

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To get the most out of the Plum scanner, use your computer or your tablet.

You can scan your Ikea plan and get the exact price in a few seconds for your project.

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You have another type of plan (PDF plan, architect's plan, wardrobe plan)? Send us your quote request below.

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Our scanner cannot read your plan because it does not contain any fronts.

Open your plan in the Ikea Configuration Tool, add the fronts and cover panels to it, and then send it back to our scanner.



Our fronts are designed to fit Ikea Metod and Pax cabinets only. They are not suitable for other products or other brands.

To create your wardrobe project with Plum Living, create your project with the Pax configurator, or the Metod configurator from Ikea and share it again with our scanner.

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